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10 Creepy Museums Around the World (Gross PICS)

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Have you ever had the urge to go visit a museum? How about a museum that houses such artifacts as preserved human heads or parasitic-laced entrails? If so, then here’s the list for you! Venture to the Netherlands’ Torture Museum in Amsterdam, where you can revisit the Medieval systems form of corporal punishment by means of various torture equipment. In Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, there is a museum dedicated to ventriloquism. The thought of walls lined with dead eyed dolls smiling their evil smiles, just waiting for the lights to go out so they can murder… Oh, wait, where was I? The Siriraj Forensic Museum in Bangkok, Thailand, contains relics of lovely preservation including lonely body parts, heads, and even entire serial killers floating in formaldehyde. The perfect place for a picnic! If you’ve ever wanted to see just how far mental health practices have come, then the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri is the place for you. They host interactive displays and original equipment from the local mental institution. I suggest visitors be on their best behavior. After a local public cemetery in Guanajuato, Mexico became full, they decided to remove the older bodies that no longer had living relatives to pay their fees. When they saw that the bodies had become mummified, they built a museum so everyone could enjoy their creepiness. In the El Museo de las Momias, which translates appropriately to Museum of the Mummies, visitors walk down corridors lined with glass cases containing the mummies lined up side by side. A fun-filled family afternoon that one is. Maybe your curiosity lies with the need to check out the male sex organ from various species. If so, the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavic, Iceland should be your next vacation spot. The museum possesses a large collection of phallic members from the animal kingdom and more. One of the more widely known museums on the list, the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been featured in television specials. Home to macabre and gross displays such as slices of Albert Einstein’s brain and a tumor from United States President Grover Cleveland, the museum also displays medical oddities and antique equipment. You can adopt one of its 139 Hyrtl skulls with their Save Our Skulls program for an annual price of $200, which goes to cover the costs of conservation and preservation. Death is the theme for the next museum, the aptly named The Museum of Death in Hollywood, California. Founded in 1995, it contains artwork made by serial killers, the original crime scene and morgue photos of the Black Dahlia case, autopsy instruments and videos, and much more. This one is not for the faint of heart. Tapeworms and ringworms and pinworms, oh my! At the Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo, Japan, you can peer at internal parasites of all kinds, and if your appetite wasn’t completely squelched, you can venture nearby and follow it up with a cozy lunch. Seafood anyone? Ending this creepy tour is a trip to Budapest, Hungary, where you will find The House of Terror. Set to a background of haunted house sounds and effects, visitors are inundated with sights of victims, torture cells and the people who committed the crimes. Not only is it a museum, it’s also a memorial to the people who lost their lives in the very same building during the regimes. There’s something for everyone in this list. If you can’t make it to one of these locations, go forth and find your own dose of daily creepy.

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