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Apollo 18 Top Secret Info

apollo 18 top secret lunokhod

Psst, here is the Top Secret link to Cerberus Station 9. Cerberus Station 9 has clues as to what happened to the Apollo 18 astronauts and why we have never gone back to the moon.

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Straw Dogs Pics and Production Notes

The original 1971 Sam Peckinpah Straw Dogs is a classic of revenge cinema, his first non-Western movie. It will be interesting to see how the 2011 remake deals with the issues of misogyny and gender roles in the film, which is an even more difficult area to navigate now than it was in the 1970’s. […]

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Swim Noir Gothic Bathing Suits

Swim Noir Gothic Bathing Suits from Heavy Red Thumb

The Swim Noir gothic bathing suits from Heavy Red let you stay spooky, while enjoying the water and maybe even the outdoors. These dark designs range from classic classy black to clubland stripes to a unique herringbone. The Swim Noir clothing is seasonal, so now is the time to suit up. All new Swim Noir […]

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Hellraiser 4 Comic Book Preview

Hellraiser 4 Comic Book Preview Thumb

Hellraiser 4 comes out this week. readers get a little taste today and you can hit your local comic book store on August 31. HELLRAISER #4 (A) HELLRAISER #4 (B) Written by Clive Barker, Christopher Monfette Drawn by Stephen Thompson SC, 24pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99 COVER A: Tim Bradstreet COVER B: Nick Percival Diamond […]

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Death Valley Blood Zombie Pics

Death Valley

This Monday, MTV premieres Death Valley, the new horror comedy mockumentary series from the mind of Spider One of Powerman 5000 fame. Last month, gave you an advance preview of the Death Valley trailer from MTV. Here are some of the kind of nice bloody zombie pics we all love now for your viewing […]

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Elder Signs Dress Lovecraftian Fashion

Robyn Raygun has designed a new dress to appeal to your Lovecraftian tastes. The Elder Sign, from Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth, was considered a protection from the Deep Ones. Protect yourself against the Darkness You Shall Not Name. 55% cotton, 45% polyester jersey See the size chart in the pictures for sizing info See […]

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The Woman in Black has a Beautiful New Trailer

CBS Films, Cross Creek Pictures, and legendary horror brand Hammer Films have released another beautifully haunting trailer for the much anticipated Gothic ghost story The Woman In Black. The Woman in Black: Based on the bone-chilling novel by Susan Hill, The Woman in Black is currently in production in Yorkshire, Essex, and at Pinewood Studios, […]

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Fright Night Screening at the Alamo Drafthouse

Here is some fun behind the scenes footage from the raucous Fright Night screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas, featuring cast members Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mintz Plasse, Dave Franco, as well as lots of rowdy fans waving axes. A teenager suspects that his new neighbor is a vampire.

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Fright Night Swag

fright night ax swag reports that Fright Night 2011 just had a screening where they gave away axes to fans. I’m a fan and I want an ax. I am totally hitting the toy and costume store near me before Friday.

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Conan 2011 Pics

Rose McGowan as Marique

Can Jason Momoa live up to the bar set by Arnold Schwartenegger in the 1982 dark fantasy adaptation of Conan? These preview pics give us the first taste of the forthcoming film, opening this week. A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against […]

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