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Walking Dead Episode 201

The Walking Dead Episode 201

As The Walking Dead returns for its second season, the 90-minute premier episode showed us that most of the survivors suck at survival, and that every decision in a post-apocalyptic world is gut-wrenching. Things start out (after Rick’s cheesy walkie-talkie monologue) with a post-CDC road trip that’s quickly interrupted by a zombie traffic jam. The […]

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Maria Alexander and Lisa Morton Sign at Dark Delicacies

This past weekend, prestigious horror establishment Dark Delicacies held a group signing which included a number of kickass horror writers. Horror poet Maria Alexander was signing her new collection At Louche Ends and giving fans who lined up to meet her cookies from Macarons Duverger. Horror author Lisa Morton was also signing. As always, award-winning […]

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Walking Dead Season 2 Preview Pics

The Walking Dead Season 2

This gallery is a sneak peek of the visuals for the upcoming season 2 of The Walking Dead on AMC. Check out’s exclusive Walking Dead season 1 recap and upcoming episode-by-episode coverage. AMC PREMIERES “THE WALKING DEAD” ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16TH AT 9PM EST Fans Get More Than Twice as Many Episodes as Season […]

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Walking Dead Season 1 Flashback Pics

The Walking Dead Season 1

Yesterday,’s new Zombie Columnist debuted his first column on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Check out his Walking Dead season one recap and season two preview now and this weekend episode-by-episode coverage starts! Here is a gallery from season one. Season two pics coming tomorrow . . . AMC’S DEBUTS ORIGINAL DRAMA “THE WALKING DEAD” […]

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Walking Dead Season 2 Preview

Walking Dead Season 2 is ready to shamble onto our TV screens this weekend, and with it a host of mysteries and questions that left us starving for more at the end of the first season. What did CDC scientist Jenner whisper before he died? Where’s Merle? Will Rick find Morgan and Duane? Will the […]

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panel of experts bdsm in horror

Question: Does a storyline seem more or less frightening to you, when BDSM themes are included, such as those in Hellraiser or Ichi the Killer? Some of us find BDSM imagery aesthetically pleasing or erotic and some of us find it unappealing or dull. However, we nearly universally feel that, no matter what the elements […]

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Zombies Roam Troubled Wall Street

Yahoo News (via Associated Press) reports that “corporate zombies” have joined the Occupy Wall Street protest, which started on Sept. 17 and continues to grow in support. Much like Unions and Socialists, Zombies get their strength through collective power, but it is difficult to tell at this point whether their ‘Eat the Rich’ agenda has […]

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Pics

Guillermo del Toro’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark opened this weekend to mixed reviews. Back in March, ran a Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark preview trailer which looked enticing. Reactions to the movie have been really mixed, however, with some viewers thinking in was lushly macabre and others thinking it was just […]

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