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40% Off Manic Panic Collection Holiday Sale

manic panic holiday

Whether you have been naughty or nice, Manic Panic Collection is kicking off the holiday season offering a Cyber Monday 40% discount sale for all Creatures of the Night. Manic Panic Collection offers great prices on one-stop shopping for OG brightly-colored hair dye, creepy makeup colors, and sweet kits of different color palettes. THANKSGIVING WEEKEND […]

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Walking Dead Episode 207

Walking Dead Gallery Thumb

The Walking Dead leads us into winter break with an episode that proves horror can be gut-wrenching without gore. The survivors are all getting just a little bit crazy, and it’s easy to see why. This was pretty much the perfect mid-season break episode, resolving a lot of plot threads, but also setting up some […]

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Saints & Sinners Gothic Couture and Free Pandora Goodie Bag

saints sinners heavy red

Heavy Red is about to have their second annual Pandora’s Bag Holiday Event. Starting Thursday Nov 24 12:01am, one minute after the witching hour, the sale kicks off. There are last chance gothic couture items available at deep fifty percent off discounts and your order will come with a fabulous goodie bag, which includes items […]

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Walking Dead Episode 206

The title of this week’s Walking Dead was “Secrets.” Everyone has them, Glenn can’t keep them, Maggie’s angry about them and Dale just likes to poke at hornet nests, which has nothing to do with secrets whatsoever. It all built up to the biggest anti-cliffhanger episode ending ever. Let’s start with that ending, because it […]

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The Greatest Video Game Music

On “The Greatest Video Game Music”, you will find tunes that bring back all kinds of memories. The brilliant London Philharmonic Orchestra ALONG WITH THEIR HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR MELODIES and Andrew Skeet work together to compose tracks from games such as Splinter Cell, Battlefield 2, and Call of Duty 4, to name a few. The track […]

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Muppets Twilight Vampire Werewolf Pig Felt

The Muppets movie is not out yet, but odds are it won’t outsell Twilight. The Muppets Twilight spoof is sure to get passed around even more than the Green (It isn’t easy being green!) Lantern spoof from earlier this year. Kermit is Vamphibian. Rowlf is WereRowlf. And Miss Piggy IS Bella Swan. On vacation in […]

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Fangoria Ice Cream

nitro ice cream yogurt

Have you ever thought about making ice cream with a burst of liquid nitrogen to cool it off? The folks at Nitro have made it happen! At their unique ice cream and frozen yogurt stores, customers are allowed to pick a base from many options, a color, flavor, and mix in. Once the ingredients are […]

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Alice in Wonderland Costume Contest 2011

alice in wonderland contest from heavy red

Do you love Alice in Wonderland? Dressing up? If so, this may be the contest for you. The good people at Heavy Red have offered up a contest for anyone willing to dress up in their Alice en deshabille costume and take a photo. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo, you can make […]

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Walking Dead Episode 205

The Walking Dead Gallery Thumb

From the trials and tribulations of Daryl Dixon to the big reveal of Glenn’s booty call gone awry, this week’s episode of Walking Dead did what this show does best: unwrap the inner turmoil of the characters amidst the horrors of their daily lives. Some of them we like a lot more; some of them […]

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Scream 4 Franchise

Scre4am Scream 4

A wildly successful franchise, the Scream movies have delivered on scares, tense moments, and twists since the first one in 1996. Ghost Face is a universally recognized symbol from the films, and they were the first, between them and the I Know What You Did Last Summer films, much like Halloween came before Friday the […]

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