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Secret Sale Blue Blood VIP Membership 50% Off

blueblood vip razor candi secret sale

We’ve got the secret sale link for 50% off Blue Blood VIP memberships! As little as $4 a month. This week only. The secret sale page is hidden on Gothic Sluts, but that membership gives you access to EVERYTHING from the Blue Blood VIP with more than 120,000 high end artistic photographs of 464+ beauties. […]

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Maria Alexander Reads Her Xmas Story Coming Home

pseudopod the sound of horror podcasts

Shawn Garret at Pseudopod brings you the auditory pleasure of Maria Alexander reading the creepy holiday story “Coming Home”. Pseudopod, the sound of horror, has been publishing horror podcasts since 2006. Check them out. bonus Christmas flash – Coming HomeDecember 23rd, 2011 2:02 amBy Maria AlexanderThe text of this story is available at You […]

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Manic Panic: Creature of the Night

manic panic nice with a hint of naughty

Over at Manic Panic Collection, they are bringing some spectacular looks in makeup and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt, a bag, or some new lipstick, they have you covered. Their slogan for the season is “Holiday 2011, Nice with a Hint of Naughty”, and it is aptly named. The hues and pigments they […]

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Fright Night DVD and Blu-Ray

Fright Night 2011 Gallery Thumb

A strange new neighbor moves in, prompting Charley Brewster to begin peeking out his window and staking out the house when a rash of local murders start to occur. The Fright Night 2011 remake of the Fright Night 1985 original, “Fright Night” is a revamp full of effects and tension. Charley’s friend, Ed, and girlfriend, […]

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Just wanted to mention to everyone that the Twitter is the place to hear about contests like the Paranormal Activity prize pack we gave away some weeks back. The winners were Twitter friends effects makup artist Marka Helms and twisted cake-maker Kelly Kelly. We have the best Twitter pals! TwitPic from Kelly Kelly […]

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Year of the Dead 2012 Calendar

Do you like zombies? How about zombies in bikinis? If you said yes to either of those questions, The Year of the Dead Calendar may just be for you. This is a traditional 12 month calendar that boasts scantily-clad, beautiful, undead girls doing what zombies do best for each month of the year. Some of […]

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Angry Birds Day

Tomorrow, December 11, 2011 is Angry Birds Day. It is the game’s second anniversary. Are you a fan of Angry Birds, the popular game found on cell phones and iPads everywhere? There are a lot of supporters, worldwide, who enjoy to sling birds at unsuspecting pigs. These people have decided to unite and have their […]

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Rue Morgue Tagline Contest

Over at the Rue Morgue site, they recently ran a contest that allowed listeners of their podcasts to come up with a provocative and ballsy tagline for any horror film. The only requirement was that the tagline needed to be original and along the lines of something you would see on a t-shirt. Ten lucky […]

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The Strain at Dark Horse

The Strain is a novel written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. It originally came out in 2009, the first in a trilogy, that incorporates a new kind of vampire into the already popular mythos. While holding onto some traditional characteristics, they created all new and graphic features. When Dark Horse decided to adapt […]

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Save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel from Night of the Living Dead!

Save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel from Night of the Living Dead

Do you remember the opening cemetery scene in George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”? One of the films most famous lines was uttered here, “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.” The cemetery where it was filmed is the Evans City Cemetery, located in Evans City, PA. The small chapel that can be seen […]

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