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Walking Dead Episode 210

The Walking Dead Episode 210

On this week’s Walking Dead, Rick and Shane take a zombie road trip with their new little buddy in the trunk, and one of farmer Hershell’s daughters tries to make the zombies’ job easier for them by pre-killing herself. With no warning, we’re thrown headfirst into a crazy action scene with Shane fleeing a zombie […]

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Stephen King Reads Shining Sequel, Stephen King Country Gets Casino

Stephen King at George Mason University

Stephen King stories often take place in Western Maine, albeit in fictional towns like Salem’s Lot and Castle Rock. This past week, the Maine Gambling Control Board approved the first Maine casino and it is going to be in this area. Before last week, it actually wasn’t legal to even sell poker chips in Maine. […]

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Walking Dead Episode 209

The Walking Dead Episode 209 gallery thumb

Walking Dead is alive again! This week’s episode lead off with gunfights and gore, and even the relationship stuff was intense, all capped off by Lori setting up a steel cage match between Rick and Shane. Here we have Lori is the car she crashed being a moron. Here we have a zombie desperately, futilely […]

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance PICS

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Gallery Thumb

Nicolas Cage is back as Ghost Rider for the sequel to Ghost Rider (2007) titled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. This time around he is hiding out in Europe, presumably since the first movie left off. Johnny has still not come to terms with being Ghost Rider, and now the church needs him to save […]

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Walking Dead Episode 208

The Walking Dead Episode 208

Walking Dead comes out of the mid-season break literally right where it left off, with Deputy Rick looking down the barrel of his gun at the little-girl zombie he just capped. Now that the ennui of the eternal search for Sophia has passed, where will the survivors go? Maybe Nebraska. Following the Great Zombie Barn […]

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