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Stoker Awards Nominees

stoker awards

The Stokers have announced the nominees. There are a lot of really excellent dark writers nominated. would like to especially wish luck to Brian Hodge, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Ellen Datlow, G. O. Clark, J. G. Faherty, Lisa Morton, Marge Simon, Maria Alexander, and Thomas Roche tomorrow night. No matter who wins, the real winners […]

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Has M. Christian Chopped Off a Finger?

fingers breadth

Author M. Christian, upon seeking publicity for his newest novel, “Finger’s Breadth”, has threatened to cut off the tip of his little finger. This idea goes in line with the books character that does a similar fashion of chopping in a futuristic noir San Francisco world. Acknowledging how tough it is to spread the word […]

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American Horror Story at PaleyFest

american horror story catsuit

American Horror Story show creator Ryan Murphy, when asked at the recent PaleyFest panel why they wanted to kill off all of the show’s protagonists, answered saying that was always the plan. With the unique storyline and the haunted house element in this show they were able to have the characters die, yet the audience […]

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Dead Hooker in a Trunk (video trailer)

hooker in a trunk

Jen and Sylvia Soska, the twin sisters behind the Massive Blood Drive campaigns for the Women in Horror Month, are also filmmakers. Their movie, “Dead Hooker in a Trunk”, was made on a shoestring budget and garnered praise from various film festivals. The story is about a group of friends who find a dead hooker […]

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Walking Dead Episode 213 Season Finale

The Walking Dead Season Finale Gallery Thumb

The second season of The Walking Dead did not stagger to the end. No, it went out with a big shotgun blast full of awesome aimed directly at your head. Apparently most of the season’s FX budget was saved up for the first 20 minutes of this episode. Total zombie overload, plus that huge barn […]

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Women in Horror Month

women in horror month blood drive

The third annual Women in Horror Month, a service provided through Viscera, a non-profit organization, took place this past February. Their mission is to expand opportunities for filmmakers, artists and fans by raising awareness about the changing roles for women through filmmaking, writing, events and networking. Throughout the month of February, several events took place […]

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The Hunger Games (video trailer)

In a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world known as Panem, there’s a lottery. But this isn’t the kind where you win money; instead, with this lottery, children win the chance to survive the Hunger Games. Coming to theatres on March 23, “The Hunger Games” is hoping to cash in on the target audience that the popular Twilight […]

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Schaffner Press Submissions Guidelines (Paying Market)

schaffner press

Schaffner Press publishes books with social relevance. Although they are not a genre press, they do publish horror, provided it is really top quality innovative work, such as the writing of Todd Grimson. Since Schaffner Press is a small independent press with a list of about 4-­6 books a year, it is important that, before […]

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tor dot com guidelines updated their guidelines a few weeks ago. This is a good venue for writers because it is a high visibility site, a site connected with a very established publishing house, and publication here pays a bunch. pays twenty-five cents a word, which is extremely high for genre fiction. That said, they don’t like […]

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Walking Dead Episode 212

Shane Walsh Episode 212 Walking Dead Gallery Thumb

When an episodic TV show gets close to the season finale, it’s time to take all those dangling plot threads, hack them off with a hunting knife, break their necks, then shoot them in the head. This week’s Walking Dead managed all that, plus a major character death and a brilliant setup for next week. […]

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