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House Lannister & Credits Song on Blackwater Game of Thrones reported the info on the song from Episode 209 of Game of Thrones tonight and, based on how many people were asking, it seemed you might want to know the answer. You’re welcome. For all the people searching for what the song at the end of Game of Thrones tonight was, here you go: […]

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Game of Thrones Episode 209, Blackwater

This Memorial Day weekend, celebrate the Battle of Blackwater with an episode penned by GRRM himself, a brilliant bit of epic fantasy and pseudo-medieval warfare, all lit by the wildfire’s green glare. There were a lot of amazing things in this episode, but the one element that really stood out to me was how wonderfully […]

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Necronomicon Fanzine

Looking through some of the links to things related to the annual Whitby Goth Weekend, which appropriately occurs around Halloween each year, along with the related Bram stoker Film Festival which is held somewhat concurrently and ran across this fun little horror zine from the UK called the Necronomicon Fanzine. If you are into cult […]

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Lovely Molly Poster Signing at Dark Delicacies

lovely molly poster

Dark Delicacies is having a Love Molly poster signing event tonight at 7pm. Movie-goers who bring in ticket stubs will receive exclusive giveaways. Lovely Molly (which opened Friday) poster signing on Tues, May 22 at 7 pm with Gretchen Lodge (Molly) and Mark Ordesky (Producer) at Dark Delicacies. The first 100 people that bring in […]

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Last Night for Panel of Experts Cecilia Tan Kickstarter Book

cecilia tan daron

The Kickstarter for Panel of Experts member Cecilia Tan is coming to a close in only ten hours. has the night owls, so this probably schedules out just right. Daron’s Guitar Chronicles is a trilogy about coming of age in the 1980’s while being different. The Daron’s Guitar Chronicles Omnibus Book has already been […]

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California Deathrock Book Kickstarter

california deathrock

Forrest Black and Amelia G are doing a Kickstarter for a book of their deathrock photography. Forrest Black and Amelia G have been documenting the deathrock scene in California for over a decade now and the goal of this project is to publish a book of some of their best images. Kickstarter is a service […]

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Game of Thrones Episode 208, The Prince of Winterfell

On the eve of war, Tywin marches, Stannis sails, Tyrion schemes, and Theon is belittled by his sister. Oh, and Nurse Pointless gets naked with the King in the North, possibly earning herself a new nickname. Let’s knock a few of the lesser plotlines out of the way quickly: nothing of significance happened in Qarth […]

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Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine E-Submissions (Paying Market)

ellery queen mystery magazine eqmm

The Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is now accepting electronic submissions for their magazine through a new Dell Magazine custom online system. EQMM’s current writers guidelines are below. Nice to have the prestige of a magazine which has been published continuously since 1941, with the convenience of e-submissions. Download the Writers’ Guidelines Click here for a […]

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Panel of Experts: Readings and Signings

panel of experts readings signings

Question: Do you like doing readings and signings? Interestingly, more than three quarters of us like or mostly like doing reading and/or signings. For some of us readings and signings are a crucial way of staying in touch with the people who read our work, an up-close-and-personal method for getting a sense of what the […]

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Joe Nassise, Hugh Sterbakov, Michael Mallory, John Palisano, and Richard Finney Signing at Dark Delicacies

dark delicacies signing may 19 2012

Dark Delicacies hosted a signing today for Joe Nassise, Hugh Sterbakov, Michael Mallory, John Palisano, and Richard Finney. Richard Finney even offered a special bonus deal: Buy Angel of Light and also get a Dark Delicacies gift certificate plus a copy of Demon Days. Angel of Light is the sequel to Demon Days and both […]

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