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Lovecraft Zine (Paying Market)

lovecraft ezine issue 14 cover by galen dara text by leslie herzfeld

The folks at Lovecraft Zine have a lot going on right now. They just put out issue 14. They are doing app giveaways. And they just opened for submissions again last month. Well worth checking out. UPDATE: April 3, 2012: I am once again accepting submissions, but please read the entire page below for the […]

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Game of Thrones Episode 207, A Man Without Honor

Some long-neglected characters got some welcome face time, the bad guys acted like jerks, the good guys also acted like jerks, and the episode title actually makes sense. That makes for a good week on Game of Thrones. I’ve been pondering how the various factions in Game of Thrones map to real-world politics, or at […]

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Panel of Experts: Facebook

facebook panel of experts

Question: What do you think of Facebook, its current role, and its future? Facebook seems to be winning the SNS battle for the hearts and time-sucks of horror professionals. We worry about privacy issues on Facebook and we worry about how much creativity energy it can use up. But we love the elegant user-friendly interface. […]

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Gothic Fashion Sister Site Launches

At HQ, we love dark literature and horror movies . . . and spooky makeup tutorials and velvet frocks. A lot of people like all of those things, but a lot of people tend to kind of like either the former or the latter. Although will continue to cover the occasional exemplary gothic […]

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Game of Thrones Episode 206, The Old Gods and the New

In this week’s episode, nothing terribly unexpected happened, unless you count all the drastic (and sometimes bizarre) ways the series is starting to diverge from the novels: random nurses, kidnapped dragons, and slightly less rape. Things start off with Theon Greyjoy’s brave storming of Winterfell, sneaking over the walls in the night and wrenching it […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (Paying Market)

alfred hitchcock mystery magazine

Founded in 1956, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine is probably the longest-running mystery magazine on the newsstand today. If your dark writing has a mystery structure to it, this might be a good venue for you. Initially, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine licensed the Alfred Hitchcock name. Hitchcock the man was not an editor of the publication, […]

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