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10 Creepy Museums Around the World (Gross PICS)

Museum of the Mummies Guanajuato Mexico

Have you ever had the urge to go visit a museum? How about a museum that houses such artifacts as preserved human heads or parasitic-laced entrails? If so, then here’s the list for you! Venture to the Netherlands’ Torture Museum in Amsterdam, where you can revisit the Medieval systems form of corporal punishment by means […]

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California Deathrock T-shirt

california deathrock kickstarter goth punk spiderweb shirt

Forrest Black and Amelia G just released a mock-up of the design for their California Deathrock T-shirt. A while back, we covered the Kickstarter they were doing for their California Deathrock project. The main part of the project is their forthcoming hardcover art book of deathrock portraits, but they also offered a T-shirt in the […]

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SyFy Face Off — “Alice in Zombieland”

This week’s Face Off gave us a delightful blend of fantasy and horror with “Alice in Zombieland.” Smelly cat, redneck rabbit and Tom Petty made appearances, along with Laila Ali and Paul W.S. Anderson. Then the judges ruined the whole thing by blowing the call at the end. Are these the replacement judges? The foundation […]

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Zombie Survival Map

zombie survival map

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? You are now that the team at Doejo have designed this game in order to prepare the masses for a zombie invasion. Once you go to the Zombie Survival Map website, you can share your location or type in your zip code, city or address. Utilizing Google Maps […]

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Raygun Robyn Tentacle Messenger Bag Comes to ThinkGeek

tentacle messenger bag

Are you in the market for a laptop bag that will carry your smartphone, cords, a handful of d20, and your beat up copy of H.P. Lovecraft The Complete Collection? The folks over at ThinkGeek have the messenger bag for you. The black messenger bag boasts a tentacle design on the front etched in bleach […]

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Jawbone Sunglasses

jawbone sunglasses by emma montague

Fashion and death combine with jewelry designer, Emma Montague’s unique jawbone sunglasses. Montague, of the Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery department, realized the potential of the design when she noticed the angle of a deer’s jawbone in relation to the shape of her sunglasses. With gears turning, she came up with the resulting design of […]

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The Horrors of Gen Con (PICS)

gencon ed grabianowski

Gen Con, the biggest gaming convention in North America, took place in Indianapolis week before last. I was there on the front lines, sorting through all the wizards and elves to find the finest in horror gaming and cosplay. There were a lot of zombies. Horror gaming is mostly divided between zombies and Cthulhu. Cthulhu […]

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Brand New Cherry Flavor Review

brand new cherry flavor by todd grimson

Lisa is a struggling director living in 1990’s L.A. She was sleeping with a movie executive in order to secure a job, but when he doesn’t follow through, she wants revenge. She goes to see Boro who has knowledge of voodoo and dark magic, and who agrees to carry out her request, but she gets […]

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SyFy Face Off — “Year of the Dragon”

As the contestants scrambled to create Chinese dragon designs that will stand up to an acrobatic dance routine, Alana discovered that the seventh cut is the deepest and we got the most ironic Face Off ending ever. I only said that last part so you can drive yourself crazy trying to prove that I used […]

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