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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode Seven

In what turned out to be both a haunting and beautiful episode, American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 7, “Dark Cousin”, brought with it many deaths, but the sadness was balanced with elegance, along with a dose of quiet and a good measure of composure. Grace is back in Briarcliff, but her botched hysterectomy has her […]

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Walking Dead 307

Michonne (Danai Gurira), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Oscar (Vincent Ward) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Walking Dead this week featured a father and son having The Talk, more uncomfortable nudity than you ever want to see again, zombie cognition experiments, and Glen on hardcore mode. As the show sets things up for the “mid-season finale,” all of the ambivalence is swept aside. Characters that previously had muddy motivations and questionable […]

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Kill City: The New Sonja Blue Novel and Kickstarter

nancy collins kickstarter kill city

Nancy A. Collins is the distinguished author of the well-known horror and urban fantasy vampire series featuring the main character, Sonja Blue. She hasn’t written a new Sonja Blue tale in over ten years, and her fans have hoped to remedy this situation. Ms. Collins intends to do just that by writing the novel, “Kill […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode Six

American Horror Story Pics Set Design

Episode six, “The Origins of Monstrosity”, started off back in the present day. Cops have been called to Briarcliff and we see a grisly scene with bodies dangling in the air, all wearing a Bloody Face mask. Along with a few intense moments, AHS offered up more backstory for some of the key players and […]

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Walking Dead 306

Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

This week’s Walking Dead was all about…well, I don’t know what it was all about. Some people died. There was serious gore. Plot lines were entangled. We found out who called Rick on the phone. Merle was Merle and Michonne was Michonne. Let’s start with the situation back at the prison. Rick talks to the […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode Five

American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 5

Oh, American Horror Story. Just when I think I have a particular story line figured out, you pull the rug out from under my feet. Another favorite trick of yours is to plant the seed of an idea and leaving me hanging, wondering about the next episode. It’s genius, really. This weeks episode, “I Am […]

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How to Make a Hand of Glory

dead mans hand of glory

Some say that the luck a gambler can get (or fail to get) from a dead man’s hand comes from a play on words, based on the hand of glory. The dead man’s hand is supposed to be the hand of cards held by Wild Bill Hickok in his final poker game. It is generally […]

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Walking Dead 305 — Say the Word

It’s Walking Dead time, where the humans are crazier than the undead. I’m talking specifically about Daryl’s poncho, but there may be other examples. The Woodbury storyline got pushed and prodded pretty thoroughly this week. We see that there’s some kind of Founders’ Day celebration going on – the Gov has even insisted the generators […]

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Interview with Face Off Season Three Finalist Laura Tyler

Face Off finalist and self-confessed sci-fi geek Laura Tyler talks about D&D, Buffy, and the east coast/west coast FX scenes in this exclusive interview. Ed Grabianowski for You’ve mentioned the difference between east coast make up artists, who work in haunted houses and have tight deadlines, and west coast artists who work on film […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode Four

American Horror Story Episode 4 FX

Episode four of American Horror Story: Asylum delved a little into the mysteries behind some of the intriguing characters on the show, leaving viewers with more questions and piquing our interests about conspiracies and possibilities. And even though it is set in 1964, some of the themes the show hits on are still relevant today. […]

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