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Exclusive Interview with Face Off Season Three Winner Nicole Chilelli

California-based make up artist and designer Nicole Chilelli is fresh off her victorious run on season three of SyFy’s Face Off. Nicole is ready to hit the ground running, but she took time for this exclusive interview. Ed Grabianowski for What are your favorite movies from a creature design/make up perspective? What movies […]

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Walking Dead Episode 304 — Killer Within

This week’s Walking Dead might have been the grimmest yet. I think I just saw the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen on TV. The kicker is, I’m not even sure which of the horrible things I saw this week was the most horrible. The episode is titled “Killer Within,” which seems to refer to […]

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SyFy Face Off — Live Finale

On the Halloween night live finale of Face Off season three, the grand prize winner was announced: Nicole Chilelli. Her season played out with a nearly perfect Hollywood three-act structure, from the unfair elimination, unexpected chance at salvation, and ultimate rise to victory. The live finale was a lot of fun, with all the contestants […]

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