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Grisly Wear – Severed Finger Necklace!

openwoundfx severed finger

Into grisly wear? Show your taste for the macabre. You’ve seen gruesome severed fingers in horror films, but now you can own one. This severed finger necklace will be sure to draw wide-eyed shock and the menacing question: Is it real? Your answer: As close to real as it gets darling. Realistic right down to […]

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Get Pinned – Pinhead Makeup Tutorial

pinhead hellraiser makeup tutorial

No doubt you’ve seen Hellraiser or followed the entire Hellraiser series of horror flicks. Have you ever thought about going to a Halloween party, horror film themed club night or a Hellraiser event at a Horror Convention made up as Pinhead? Other than buying a Pinhead mask, has the idea of recreating the actual Pinhead […]

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Face Off – Hell Freezes Over

Face Off presents us with a tried and true horror challenge – design a demon. Then, like meddling studio executives, they throw a curveball at the contestants after they’ve already begun their designs. Hell has frozen over. Last season, Face Off liked to do this foreshadowing thing where they’d start off an episode with a […]

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The Following Episode 2: The Saga Continues

The Following on FOX Episode 2

Episode two of The Following, titled, “Chapter 2”, was aptly named. As we continue serial killer Joe Carroll’s (James Purefoy) ambitions of writing a sequel novel featuring Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) as his flawed hero, we see the monstrous machine that is Carroll’s plan as its gears begin to turn. When we left off last […]

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Lost Girl – ConFaegion

In this week’s Lost Girl, Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin regress into giggly teens, and I suffer intense disappointment when the show’s TV-MA content warning doesn’t mention nudity. The overriding theme of this episode is “Kenzi among the supers.” It seems the Morrigan really has it out for Bo, and has been sending wave after wave […]

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Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

killer klown melissa bernard

There is a glut of alt makeup tutorials on Youtube: goth, emo, zombie, alien, horror FX, split face, etc. Some TUTs are extremely detailed and helpful for you to use to create the look you seek or simply to view for entertainment. Others are lame video fails. Let me tell you about this amazing FX […]

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The Following Pilot Episode

fox the following ice pick eyeball writing lady

Fox’s new series, “The Following”, debuted Monday, January 21. Labeled as a drama, it also incorporates elements of horror and suspense with a storyline revolving around a serial killer. This is not your run of the mill serial killer, though. Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy) is quite prolific and just happens to be an […]

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Get Splattered! Dexter Blood Splatter Gauge Earrings

purplecowpolymer dexter blood spatter earrings

If you’ve endured the rigors of ear gauging to stretch your lobes, the reward is to hunt for unique jewelry to individualize your look. Artist Purplecowpolymer on Etsy features some of the most unique gauged earring pieces I’ve seen: Dexter Blood Splatter Spiral Polymer Clay Gauged Earrings in different sizes from: 2g, 0g, 00g, 7/16″ […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 13 Madness Ends

american horror story season finale madness ends

The end is here, folks. How will it all tie together? I was so eager to see that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. It was a sad and somber finale, but it was also satisfying to see some closure for many of the storylines that had been left open. I really felt […]

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Face Off – Heroic Proportions

Face Off tries to create superheroes again, this time meeting up with some actual comic book artists at San Diego Comic Con to give the contestants a creative nudge. Last season, the superhero episode used cars as inspiration. This time, the contestants have no real directives, but they meet with DC Comics publishers Dan Didio […]

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