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Warm Bodies

warm bodies movie

Do you like your zombies with a little bit of humanity and heart? If you do, you’ll love Warm Bodies. It’s the tale of a zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) that is going through his mundane existence of shuffling, grunting and eating brains until he sees Julie (Teresa Palmer). It’s love at first sight for […]

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Freakshow on AMC

AMC Venice Beach Freakshow

Welcome to the freak show. At the Venice Beach Freakshow, owner Todd Ray, along with his wife Danielle and son Phoenix, carries out his passion for the strange by running a revamped version of the carnival freak shows of the past. At his seemingly ordinary suburban home, there resides a not so ordinary collection of […]

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Immortalized Competitive Taxidermy on AMC

Immortalizer Takeshi Yamada

In a new reality show from AMC, “Immortalized” brings the masses competitive taxidermy. Didn’t realize there was such a thing? Treat your eyes to the strange and surreal, the macabre and fascinating when two top taxidermists compete using fantastic displays of talent and imagination as they face a challenge every week, in an epic battle […]

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Walking Dead 310

On Walking Dead, annoying people talk for 40 minutes, followed by five minutes of excellent action. I think that ratio needs to be adjusted. Funny thing about this week’s Walking Dead. My cable provider, Time Warner, is terrible. As a result, AMC was a mess of digital stuttering and distortion. It was so bad I […]

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Face Off — Two Heads Are Better Than One

On Face Off, the contestants create multi-headed giants out of foam and paint to promote a movie that’s so packed with CGI it looks like a cartoon. Everyone heads off to the Magic Mountain theme park (promotion!) where they run around, have fun, then run into McKenzie near a giant fake redwood tree. Bryan Singer […]

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The Following – Episode 4 – Mad Love

The Following, Episode 4, Mad Love

What do you do when a known serial killer kidnaps your sister for revenge? You go after her if you’re Ryan Hardy. This is part of what tonight’s episode, “Mad Love”, was centered on. In a bit of a twist, last episode’s Maggie is on a revenge mission because Hardy killed her husband, so she, […]

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Lost Girl — Faes Wide Open

Lost Girl, the TV show that gives you the maximum amount of sideboob allowed by law, guaranteed. This week’s episode was called “Faes Wide Shut,” and it should be the final nail in the coffin of the terrible “Fae” puns for episode titles. It doesn’t even make any sense. How do you pronounce that? Fighs? […]

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Walking Dead – Suicide King

Walking Dead returns from the mid-season break with one the goriest scenes ever. Glenn and Maggie have vague relationship issues, Daryl and Merle decide blood is thicker than…other people’s blood, and Rick finds a whole bunch of toys in the attic. Woodbury’s Daryl versus Merle deathmatch erupts into a riot when the two try to […]

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Face Off – Eye Candy

Anthony attempts to keep his unprecedented winning streak alive on a candy-themed Face Off. Almost being eliminated last week still didn’t seem to reduce Autumn’s arrogance in any way, as she starts this week’s episode remarking that the judges must just have higher expectations of her. Yes, that’s it. There’s a foundation challenge this week […]

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The Following – Episode 3 – The Poet’s Fire

The Following, Season 1, Episode 2, The Poet's Fire

We were left with the image of someone in a Poe mask setting a civilian on fire. In episode three, “The Poet’s Fire”, we pick up with the person in the Poe mask delivering a street performance that has attracted quite a crowd. As our curiosity grows concerning who is really behind the mask, the […]

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