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Walking Dead – Welcome to the Tombs

On the Walking Dead season finale, people die. Lots and lots of people. I wanted to be really excited about this episode, but in the end, it feels like Walking Dead has been spinning its wheels for two months. The Woodbury vs. Prison war just goes on and on and on, pointlessly. How many times […]

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Game of Thrones – Valar Dohaeris

Game of Thrones’ third season launches with a choppy episode that fervently tries to pick up all of last season’s dangling plot threads. A very brief overview of how season two ended: Stannis’ assault on King’s Landing was thwarted by Tyrion’s use of wildfire and Tywin’s timely arrival from Harrenhal. Arya escaped Harrenhal. Robb married […]

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Freakshow 107, Freaks of Nature

Freakshow on AMC Morgue eightball

Tonight, Todd brings us more freaks with the seventh episode titled, “Freaks of Nature”. In his attempt to recreate one of the most rare pitch cards in the world, Todd has invited Jim the Armless Wonder and Jesse the Halfman to come and stay at his home. In this famous pitch card we see a […]

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Immortalized 107, First Love

immortalized 107 first love

Immortalizer Dave Houser is against the challenger Erich Carter. Carter has been a taxidermist for over forty years and he’s won rewards as well as made pieces for celebrities. Houser and his pink Mohawk are put to the test as we get the theme, “First Love”. Houser proclaims himself to be edgy and controversial. Carter […]

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Face Off – Living the Dream

The Face Off season finale is an acrobatic, aquatic affair that brings out the best in the final three contestants. There’s no nonsense in setting up the challenge – each finalist has to create a pair of creatures for Le Rêve – The Dream, a pretentiously titled Vegas show. It’s basically a slightly damp version […]

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The Following Episode 10: Guilt

Guilt, The Following on FOX, episode 10

With Jacob at the casa de serial killers, his fragile psyche is starting to quake as he dreams of Paul waking him up, healthy and shirtless, and a butchered Emma in the shower, covered with blood. Would this perhaps be a little foreshadowing? Either way, I just don’t think Jacob is strong enough to handle […]

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Lost Girl – Delinquents

Linda Hamilton guest stars on Lost Girl while Bo and Kenzi go undercover at a summer camp for juvie malefactors to hunt down Man-Thing. There were two plot lines weaving along this week before the big shippy finale, so let’s tackle them one at a time. First, Tamsin meets up with an old friend, who […]

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Walking Dead – This Sorrowful Life

This was a complex and intense episode of Walking Dead, filled with struggle and turmoil. And Motorhead. The episode was titled, “This Sorrowful Life,” which sounds like a particularly depressing NPR show. It starts out with Rick having apparently undergone a complete reversal of his position on whether or not to offer Michonne to the […]

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Immortalized, Episode 6: Self Portrait

immortalized amc self portrait 106

Once again we see the Immortalizer Beth Beverly going up against a new challenger, Bill MacFarland. The challenger Bill MacFarland, from Limerick, Pennsylvania, is a hunter, artist and commercial taxidermist. He prides himself on his unique habitats in his work. He’s been practicing taxidermy for around four years. With a degree in fine arts, MacFarland […]

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Freakshow 106: Strongman Competition

freakshow episode 106 strongman competition creature morgue

Tonight the Venice Beach Freakshow is hosting a strongman competition. It looks to be the opponents will be The Illustrated Penguin, who can lift five to ten pounds through his stretched ear lobes, and Billy Owen, Todd’s mystery character tonight. In between meeting The Illustrated Penguin and Billy Owen, we see a fellow lifting weights […]

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