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Face Off – Alien Apocalypse

The final cut for the Face Off finale tasks the remaining four contestants with the creation of a hybrid alien based on species from SyFy’s upcoming space opera/western Defiance. Before we jump into tonight’s recap, congrats to Face Off on the announcement of their fifth season, which SyFy announced this week. I’ll discuss the prospects […]

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Bates Motel Pilot

Bates Motel on A&E

“Bates Motel” is a prequel to the critically acclaimed and mega successful 1960 film, Psycho, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. However, this is not the first time that there has been a television show titled “Bates Motel”. In 1987, the show was changed from a pilot to a made for television movie instead by Universal when […]

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Lost Girl – Ceremony

The Dawning finally dawns on Lost Girl, as Bo trips through some sloppy metaphors and gets back to her human roots while discovering her inner Galadriel. I wanted to hate this episode, and it gave me plenty of reasons to. I mean, it starts out with only a warning for language and violence, with not […]

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The Following Episode 9: Love Hurts

The Following on FOX Episode 9 Love Hurts

Episode nine of The Following is aptly named, “Love Hurts”. From Jacob and Paul to Emma and Carroll, and Hardy and Claire, love is the central theme, but this love isn’t going to feel very good tonight. Then again, this isn’t a romantic show, now is it? It starts off at the FBI Field Office […]

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Walking Dead – Prey

This week’s Walking Dead episode was like a mini horror movie, tense and terrifying and filled with some classic horror tropes. The first few minutes of the episode (other than a brief flashback to Andrea and Michonne’s time on the run together) involves the boring politics of Woodbury. Milton and Andrea realize how truly sick […]

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Immortalized, Episode 5: Love and War

immortalized amc love and war

In tonight’s quest for the title, we see the challenger Rick Nadeau going head-to-head with the Immortalizer Page Nethercutt. The challenger, Rick Nadeau, is from Mitchell, Illinois, and he’s known as ‘the squirrel man’. He can perform taxidermy on a squirrel in under two minutes. He’s mounted over 2,500 squirrels in 10 years and claims […]

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Freakshow 105: Meet the Family

Freakshow 105, Meet the Family

In episode five, “The Littlest Wedding”, another Freakshow sometimes member, Digger, calls Todd and asks if he can come down because he needs some money. It turns out Digger’s a hobo. He hitchhikes, hops trains, and basically lives hand-to-mouth, but nothing is mentioned of his special freakshow quality. Ali shows up with her boyfriend Matt […]

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Face Off – Mummy Mayhem

Face Off gives us a very cool Evil Dead themed challenge, all five remaining contestants do killer mummy designs, and then I lose all faith in the judges completely and forever. At the increasingly empty house, we find that Meagan left everyone notes scrawled on mirrors as a parting gift. That’s such a perfect combination […]

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Lost Girl – Fae-ge Against the Machine

On Lost Girl, we learn of the existence of the fae X-Men while Bo goes off on a MacGuffinQuest and Lauren gets a trophy. My notes for this episode look like a list of random terms and names. The plot was total nonsense, yet it was still fun. It felt at times like Bo was […]

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The Following Episode 8: Welcome Home

The Following on FOX, Episode 8, Welcome Home

In episode eight of The Following, “Welcome Home”, it is a fine welcome for Carroll as he warms up to his spacious, wooded mansion full of cult followers. Creepy Carroll watches Joey sleep, leaving a startled Joey afraid and distant. Do you blame the kid? Making matters worse, Carroll then tries to sell himself as […]

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