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Game of Thrones – Dark Wings, Dark Words

On Game of Thrones, a long-kept secret is revealed, the Stark boys learn about wargs, Brienne battles Jaime, and Margaery gives Joffrey a suggestion he can really get behind. Sometimes, a Game of Thrones episode will focus on a specific theme, and all the plots will wind around and touch on that theme at some […]

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Immortalized Episode 8: Heaven and Hell

Immortalized Competitive Taxidermy Reality Show AMC Heaven Hell

Finally we have the return of my favorite Immortalizer, Takeshi Yamada. Tonight he goes up against the challenger, Gary Robbins. Tonight’s theme is “Heaven and Hell”, which should provide for an interesting contest. Robbins is a Hollywood taxidermist that provides his pieces for television and film, to name a few. His experience is broad and […]

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Freakshow 108 Say No To Normal

Say No To Normal freakshow

On the season one finale, the Venice Beach Freakshow brings us a “Freakshow Festival”. Todd waxes on the idea of ‘normal’ and has the notion for a festival, a freakshow family reunion of sorts. He sees it as becoming the biggest event in sideshow history. That’s a big boast, right there. Todd looks at the […]

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Lost Girl – Adventures in Fae-bystitting

On Lost Girl, Bo and Kenzi get a taste of suburban hell and we finally find out what Kenzi smells like. This week’s episode (“Adventures in Fae-By Sitting”) starts out like those fun Lost Girl episodes of old, with Bo and Kenzi bantering in their apartment. Bo’s love life is empty, but she points out […]

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The Following, Episode 11, Whips and Regret

The Following on FOX Whips and Regret

After he lost Claire, Hardy fell back off the wagon. Carroll gives Ryan a wake up call and calls him out on drinking again. Hardy hangs up on him, but Carroll calls back and brings up their famous book again. He’s calling him to rub his renewed family in Hardy’s face, effectively hurting Hardy. At […]

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