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Crystal Brush Awards Offer Impressive Prizes to Miniature Painters

Collecting and painting miniatures has been a part of the gaming hobby for decades. Wargamers and RPGers spend hours brushing on the tiniest details to show off at the gaming table. Cool Mini or Not’s Crystal Brush awards allows those efforts to be recognized with some pretty sweet prizes. Cool Mini or Not is loaded […]

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Game of Thrones – Second Sons

What do you get for the girl who has everything?

Game of Thrones is a good show, there’s no questioning that. And when it’s firing on all cylinders, like this week, it’s a great show. It’s difficult at times to discern the direction of this season of Game of Thrones. Season two was all about a war, and all the action drove toward the climactic […]

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Game of Thrones – The Bear and the Maiden Fair

On Game of Thrones, love hurts. Ooooooooooh, love hurts. Love (and lust) makes people do foolish things sometimes, and on Game of Thrones, the consequences are never minor. Tyrion, for instance, is clearly deluded about his relationship with Shae, both in terms of it actually working out as he sees it (her living happily in […]

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Game of Thrones – The Climb

This week, Game of Thrones gets dark. Oh, you thought it was dark already? That’s adorable. It probably seems redundant to say that a given episode of Game of Thrones is filled with betrayal. It’s sort of Game of Thrones’ thing. But this week, everyone got betrayed. There was seriously a lot of betrayal. Jon […]

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