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Face Off – Living Art

An interesting art-based Face Off challenge is almost ruined when the judges don’t seem to grasp surrealism. It doesn’t matter because Elvira showed up. Elvira! For the foundation challenge, everyone has to create a “young, hip” take on Elvira’s iconic look. It was a pretty cool challenge, and we saw pretty creative angles. Roy won […]

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Face Off Trick or Treat

Face Off makes you wish it was Halloween every week. Clowns, scarecrows, vampires, skeletons, devils: if you’re into evil, you’re a friend of mine. Back at the Face Off pad, everyone seemed a little stunned that RJ was sent home last week (the second veteran, after Eric Z). Then it was off to a foundation […]

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Face Off – Mother Earth Goddess

Face Off Mother Earth Goddess

This week’s Face Off gave us a cute mom connection, but it was also a bit heartbreaking. There’s so much talent this season that every cut seems unjust. Everyone tromps out to the L.A. Arboretum (I think?) to look at plants and learn they have to design a Mother Nature goddess figure, and include some […]

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Face Off Subterranean Terror

face off season 5 ep 4 underground

The Face Off contestants get the subterranean homesick blues, Roy sculpts a squid in one hour, one rookie gets the “Halloween mask” kiss of death, and the producers mostly ignore the middle looks because hey we need half an hour of judges judging. Really straightforward business this week. No foundation challenge, no teams, no twists. […]

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