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Face Off: Flights of Fantasy

The last Face Off elimination episode results in four bird-human hybrid designs, and I didn’t like any of them. A trip to the airport and a meeting with some wildlife specialists reveals this week’s challenge: create designs based on a particular species of bird. I like that idea in theory. In practical terms, it didn’t […]

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Walking Dead: Isolation

Imagine being stuck in a prison with a bunch of sick people for an hour. That was how this week’s Walking Dead felt. This plague/hemorrhagic fever going through the prison population is a terrible thing. Unfortunately it’s not a very exciting thing. For the most part this episode was a return to those flaccid days […]

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Face Off: Dark Magic

On this week’s Face Off, so many shocking things happened. But actually nothing happened at all. Let’s get the Laney situation out of the way. She woke up feeling upset about Eddie being gone or just being homesick or something. It’s cool, everyone deals with that. Then the first day of the challenge she’s not […]

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Walking Dead: Infected

Walking Dead draws on its roots this week, taking a cue from the original modern zombie film and exploring this strange new sickness. This season is off to a roaring good start. A huge reason for that is returning the focus to the zombies. Sure, one of Walking Dead’s big messages is that living humans […]

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Face Off The Laughing Dead

Face Off draws on the rich tradition of horror comedies to bring to life six funny/scary ghosts. Hilarifying. I was not excited about this episode of Face Off. The “whimsy” episode was marred by arbitrary judging based on incredibly subjective design criteria, and I didn’t expect much more from this one. Not that I hate […]

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Walking Dead 401 – 30 Days Without An Accident

Walking Dead 401 - 30 Days Without An Accident

Walking Dead returns for a fourth season with a huge batch of new characters for us to watch die horrible deaths. The season unfolds with the crew still living at the prison. It’s apparent some amount of time has passed, just as between season two and three. It’s tough to say for sure, but it’s […]

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American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 1

the witching house is upon us

This was a highly anticipated season premiere, and the talk around the water cooler proved that the team behind American Horror Story had better bring their best. But did they? I say yes. Centered around witches, season three, aptly titled American Horror Story: Coven, is set in New Orleans, a place so witchy and mysterious […]

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Face Off Mortal Sins

Face Off gets religion with a challenge based on the seven deadly sins. This season’s group house looks like a nice place in a fairly regular suburban neighborhood, instead of the fancy porn mansions from past seasons. But did you notice the hedges in the yard when Laney and Laura were chatting? I’ve never seen […]

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Face Off – Cosmic Circus

Face Off - Cosmic Circus

Face Off breaks our hearts this week. With only eight artists left, someone with a ton of talent gets sent home, and there’s a lot of crying. Right to the challenge this week, no screwing around. Some people come out and do a crazy acrobatic routine. It’s Cirque Berzerk! They want the artists to create […]

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