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Exclusive Interview: Goth Fashion Icon and Horror Fan RazorCandi

Razor Candi Reclining on Skull

RazorCandi has carved out her own territory in the world of goth and fetish fashion with electrifying pictorials showcasing her intense and unique look. Body modification, corsetry, pin-up style glam and bondage-inspired looks are all fodder for Razor’s restless mind. And if you’re the type to check a model’s cred, she actually lives in Transylvania. […]

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Demon: the Descent brings fallen angels to the World of Darkness RPG

The World of Darkness has had a bumpy ride on the business side of the gaming industry, but Kickstarter might be the savior of the classic contemporary horror role-playing game. White Wolf’s World of Darkness introduced gamers to Vampire: the Masquerade and other supernatural RPGs. The game world was rebooted in 2004, but White Wolf’s […]

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Walking Dead: Too Far Gone

Walking Dead came this close to losing me as a viewer this week, and not the for the reasons you might think. Last week I complained that the Governor’s two-episode arc was a huge waste of time that drove the story around in a big pointless circle. This week’s episode was even worse because it […]

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