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Face Off: Dragon’s Breath

Finally, a Face Off episode to renew my faith in Face Off. It was everything a classic Face Off should be, leaving me loving the artists and staring agape at the judges’ stunningly stupid decision. The parameters of the individual challenge are announced out on the beach at Malibu, right where Charlton Heston screamed, “YOU […]

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Face Off: Cosmic Conspiracy

A challenge about imperiled aliens brings back some of that old Face Off magic. The artists meet McKenzie out in a field, where they learn they’re standing in a crop circle. McKenzie says that the CIA and other government agencies “officially” consider crop circles hoaxes, but that some conspiracy theorists think they’re actually distress calls […]

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Face Off: Sexy Beasts

The sixth season of Face Off gets off to a mediocre start with a new crop of artists and a castle full of not so beautiful beasts. The new contestants seem more or less evenly split between “really talented hobbyist” and “owner of a small FX studio.” I’m not entirely sure the semi-pros have a […]

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