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G. O. Clark

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G. O. Clark was born in 1945 — Gary Osgood Clark etched upon his birth certificate — in the small rural town of Norfolk, MA. There and in the adjoining town of Millis he spent the next twelve or so years learning about nature, cheering on the Red Sox, and experiencing science fiction for the first time via Jules Verne, Tom Swift, and Godzilla. In 1959, both his sisters grown and on their own, his parents suddenly decided to move to California. Packing most of their belongings into a ’57 Ford Fairlane, his dear aunt coming along for the ride, they all squeezed inside and trekked across country picking up Rt. 66 near Chicago and eventually ending up in San Jose, CA. He’s lived in California ever since, for 25 years in the San Francisco bay area, and finally in Davis, where his son grew up, and where he worked for the last twenty five years as a library assistant at the University Of California, before retiring.

It was during his college years that he first tried his hand at writing, taking fiction writing classes at San Jose State Univ., and then on his own, attempting poetry. It was a survey course in contemporary American poetry taught by Rob Swigart (who later went on to write a number of novels) that helped spur his interest. Many rejection slips later, a short nature poem of his was published in the Big Sur Gazette in 1979. More rejection slips followed, but so did acceptances. Eventually two chapbooks of my poems saw print, Letting the Eye to Wonder and 7 Degrees of Something, in 1990 and 1991 respectively. These were pretty much mainstream poems, though as one reviewer recently discovered, a few seeds of speculative poetry can be found among them. His first speculative poem was actually published in 1988, in the Magazine of Speculative Poetry, but there was a gap of four years before the next one appeared in Star*Line. Since then many publications have printed his more ‘out there’ work, six poetry collections have seen print, and he’s received some positive criticism and award recognition along the way.

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G. O. Clark

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