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Adam Pepper

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Adam PepperAt times disturbing and bleak, others raunchy and comical, Adam Pepper’s work is known for a unique blend of horror and science fiction. His latest work, WAITING FOR OCTOBER, a four-author collection of short stories also featuring Sarah Pinborough, Jeffrey Thomas and Jeff Strand is available now. MEMORIA, Adam’s debut novel, immediately attracted a devoted following in genre circles, cracking the Bestsellers and reaching number one on the Dark Delicacies Best Seller list. His quick-hitting short fiction has appeared in BEST OF HORRORFIND, Vol. 2, SCARS and DECADENCE to name a few. Adam’s non-fiction credits span from NEW WOMAN MAGAZINE to THE JOURNAL NEWS. His poetry was recently published in the 100th issue of the much-loved small press mainstay SPACE AND TIME MAGAZINE. Adam also heads up the New York City Chapter of the HWA (Horror Writers Association).

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