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Alice en Splendeur Dément

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Join Alice in her madness when you wear this gorgeous outfit inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic. Heavy Red‘s Alice outfit debuted in the Fall 2011 clothing line and does not disappoint. It is an outfit full of whimsy, soft lines and feminine touches. The outfit’s Goth inspird elements round out the look perfectly. Whether you are wearing this to a costume party or for everyday glamour, the Alice outfit instantly transports you to Neverland promising a trip down the rabbit hole that you won’t forget. Keep in mind that Heavy Red will be hosting the Best Alice Contest again for those lucky customers who procure this fantastic outfit. The entire costume consists of a dress, corset and straight jacket. There are many accessories offered on the website to complete the costume. Read on to find out more.

Alice en Splendeur Dément, the limited edition Alice in Wonderland costume by Heavy Red
en Splendeur Dément {French: state of wonderful insanity}

~ * ~

Seduced by her own insatiable curiosity, Alice is drawn deeper and deeper into Wonderland. Nothing is familiar yet she senses there is a reason she is here. “What am I looking for? Surely it must be more than the White Rabbit?” She wanders on and on, feeling more lost and confused at every turn. Her spirit sags, her legs become weak with exhaustion . . . “If only I could sit and have some proper tea . . .”

“Tea? Did I hear someone say TEA?? Why my dear, you have come to the exact right place – in fact, it couldn’t be more right!” A strange man calling himself the Mad Hatter offers her a seat at a lavish tea table set upon, of all things, a hospital gurney in a cavernous abandoned ward room. He ceremoniously hands her a cup of tea in a beautiful bronze teacup, accompanied by a heart-shaped cookie.

Nervous at first, but grateful for the refreshments, Alice accepts. Astonishingly, no matter how much she drinks, the cup is always full and no matter how much she bites, the cookie is complete! As she sips and nibbles, things around her begin to swirl with a mysterious energy. She soon finds herself dancing and spinning, weeping and laughing – joy and pathos mixed together. Foreign laughter merges with her own, filling her head with a lyrical madness. She could spin this way forever . . .

Somewhere in her mind, a small voice reminds her that she is very late – but late for what? She cannot remember but is compelled to leave. A door, yes! Oh, a hallway – so long she cannot see the end. Turn here, oh another hallway. Empty rooms, countless rooms calling out to her in different echoes – “Choose me, choose me, choose, choose, choose!”

Running, spinning through this palace of decadent confinement and infinite corridors, Alice’s mind struggles to make sense of what this is . . . or what it is not. Where does it lead? Where does it end? Were these straps always on my jacket? What are these padlocks that bind me?

Just when Alice is about to give up & sink to the floor, a hand reaches out of the shadows to give her a card. It is the Ace of Spades but the image on the card is her own. A light begins to shine from a room ahead, beckoning her in. The walls are as white as the floor. The door dissolves behind her – no way in, no way out – only white, up, down, all around. Suddenly her thoughts begin to appear on the walls.
“I am mad – no, I am NOT mad – I AM ALICE!!!! Think DOOR!”
A door does indeed appear on the wall. Once again roaming Wonderland, she spots the White Rabbit ahead in the distance. She calls out to him and begins pursuit. She reaches a door and looks though the glass. She believes she sees him just as he turns a corner, but the door is locked! If only she had a key…

The Dress
The ever exquisite Alice mustn’t be late for her tea party. This dashing dress full of curiosity and torment will showcase the beauty of your pale face and glistening tears. The super soft, deep muted blue cotton dress is rich with details, double seam bodice quilted cups, edged ruffle bodice and waistline, covered buttons, artistic seam lines which move with the shape of the body, quilted waistline in garter belt shape, a fully layered dress skirt, with an inside panel of ruffles. The shape of this dress is incredibly flattering and versatile. The back of the dress creates a long series of V-shaped ruffles going down to the back of your legs. The dress has corset lacing in back to allow you to cinch the waist as tight as you want. The dress has a back zipper and adjustable straps. At the waistline are 8 sewn blue straps. These straps can be left dangling, can be tied in bows, or can be used to tie up the front panels to reveal your ruffled underskirt. This dress can be worn in so many ways and was designed not only to fit all shapes and sizes with ease and perfect adjustment, but to allow you to be the Alice you are, be you sane or …

The Corset
The muted antique gold and black brocade corset, which is decadent in its own right, is adorned with a divided blood red taffeta heart. The all steel boned corset has a 4 prong busk front closure. The back has a 20 hand-set grommet back lacing. The edge of the corset has been cut and sewn into a pointed scallop. The corset is lined with organic cotton. You will be able to cinch yourself and get the great shape you desire. Later, this piece will look amazing over many different Heavy Red dresses and shirts!

The Jacket or Strait Jacket
The cream cotton jacket has two very different looks, one of elegant grace and beauty, but when you add the arm straps you find you have the most beautiful strait-jacket ever. The detailing on this jacket is amazing. The shoulder, front bodice and neck are quilted, the neck and shoulders have beautiful pleats sewn into the seam. The sleeves have 3 tucks to give a delicate and flattering sleeve shape. The back of the jacket is completely open and closes with straps and d-rings. The collar can be worn up or down. The front has 2 sets of small d-rings and straps to close the jacket at the collarbone. The jacket is part of the story, but it is also perfect to give you the most flattering look and put your best assets forward.
The arm straps are a separate piece and lay easily underneath the jacket. Wear them when you desire and not when you don’t!

Additional Accessories available for separate purchase:
-Alice Harlequin Stockings
-Custom Strait Jacket Straps w/ Alice Characters
-Lace Gloves w/ Red Pleated Cuff
-Alice Necklaces
-Handmade Teacup Hat
-9″ Padlocks
-Various Additional Alice Stockings
-Pocket Watches

Heavy Red will again be hosting the I AM Alice Contest open to all those who purchase the Alice en Splendeur Dément costume!

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