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Alice Henderson

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Alice Henderson has been writing since her father gave her his old Underwood manual typewriter when she was six. From early on she wrote tales of the supernatural, spooking herself as she pounded away on the typewriter in her childhood turn-of-the-century house. Her passion for writing only grew, and she wrote her first novel at age eleven. She suspects that novel, tired of lurking in a drawer for so long, will one day make its escape and purchase a small Pacific island where it will build a secret, impenetrable fortress as part of an evil plot to take over east Des Moines.

She earned her B.A. in Literature and Language, and began writing screenplays in addition to her fiction. She wrote her bachelor’s thesis on the worldwide distribution of the folklore of supernatural creatures.

She won an award for her short story “The Playmate” from the National Honor Society Literature Competition for Young Writers.

After working as a writing instructor in a college writing center for several years, Alice pursued her lifelong fascination with folklore and mythology, earning her master’s degree in the subject. There she fell in love with Medieval Welsh, translating the Mabinogi, an ancient tale of magic, sword fighting, mystical realms, and creatures from the underworld. For her master’s thesis, she interviewed people who have seen Bigfoot, lake monsters, and other strange folkloric creatures lurking in the woods and outskirts of American cities.

Her journey then brought her to San Francisco, that dreaming city on the bay, where she worked for Lucasfilm Ltd. There she began writing for video games, both manuals and strategy guides, including the manual for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. In 2001, she became a full-time freelance writer.

She loves to travel, and has taken many exciting trips. She journeyed through the great deserts of California, seeing vibrant wildflowers in Death Valley and exploring caves in the Mojave National Preserve. Most recently, she visited the national parks of the west, and canyoneered through slot canyons in Zion National Park, took in fiery sunsets over the strange rock formations of Bryce Canyon, thrilled to fossils in the Badlands, and witnessed wolf packs and grizzly bears roaming free through the wilderness of Yellowstone.

Her love of wild places inspired her novel Voracious, which takes place in the stunning backcountry of Glacier National Park.

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Alice Henderson

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