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ALTAR: A New Feature-Length Horror Film Kickstarter

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From the diabolical writer that brought us Tin Man, Alice, and Neverland, comes an exciting and creepy new film about demonic possession, ghosts, and dark magik. ALTAR stars Matthew Modine and Olivia Williams, as a young couple embarking on the renovation and restoration of a creepy old mansion, but in the process they bring back more than just the properties former splendor.

I really like the classic Hammer horror style influence that shows in the quality production and I agree that this should be seen on the silver screen. That’s where the Kickstarter comes in. You can help this film get the screening it deserves, and get some cool unique rewards for your support. I’m most interested in the “Genuine Book of Magic” signed by director Nick Willing, but there are lots of other options available as well.

One of the attractive things about the ALTAR Kickstarter is that the film is actually already completed. We already know it’s a high quality production, they just need your help getting it out there for people to enjoy in independent theaters. The pledge period ends Oct 2nd, 2014.

Bring ALTAR, the new horror classic directed by Nick Willing starring Matthew Modine and Olivia Williams to the big screen!

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