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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 10 The Name Game

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Hold on to your liquor flasks and grab your aluminum caps folks. It looks like we just lost two of our main characters. What? Could it be? Could the deliciously demonic Sister Mary and torturous Dr. Arden really be dead? In episode 10 of American Horror Story: Asylum, “The Name Game”, the show came back from a mid-season break with a little bit of fun and a whole lot of shock.

Dr. Arden successfully revives Kit from his experiment to get the aliens to revisit. He lies to him by saying the aliens didn’t come. But through flashbacks we see that they did in fact come, bringing gifts no less, in the form of a very alive and very pregnant Grace. Another of their touches was to give the deformed patient Pepper the ability to speak clearly. When Arden goes to inspect Grace’s full belly, Pepper shows up claiming to be assigned as Grace’s keeper. She explains that his x-rays won’t penetrate to show the fetus inside, and when he attempts to slice in to her belly, the scalpel flies across the room. Arden can’t take it when Pepper mocks him, telling him to go to his whore nun, aka Sister Mary.

Enter one of my very favorite characters on the show, the angel of death. She comes to the Monsignor as he is hanging, crucified, but she’s there to counsel him, not take his soul to the other side. She tells him to get rid of Sister Mary.

Remember when Jude smashed the record player? Well, Sister Mary has went and replaced with a jukebox. Fun times! Mary chastises Jude in the common room, giving her a number instead of her name, and plays her a special song, as if this will get to our lovely ex-nun. We learn that Jude’s real name is Judy Martin. Pretty vanilla, no?

Lana and Kit reunite, but just when you get all warm and fuzzy for them, Dr. Thredson comes waltzing through the common room and plops down in front of them, rudely interrupting their friendly banter. With Sister Mary helping him to get out of his knots, he reveals that Lana’s attempts to abort the baby didn’t work. He also let’s Lana know that he won’t kill her right away. Oh no. He has to let her breast feed for a year, obviously. Geez. What a nice dad.

Room search time!

Like a panty raid from a demon, Sister Mary slides in to humiliate Jude once again. After finding a cucumber in her room, she decides she just can’t have her diddling all night. Hey, those were her words. Don’t blame the messenger. And to add insult to injury, Sister Mary orders that Jude be put through a particularly nasty round of electroshock therapy. With Mary at the helm, the 50% mark that Dr. Arden recommends is shot out the window when she cranks the dial and gives it to her. Before that, however, she orders twenty minutes of hydrotherapy to Lana when she resists the panty raid, erm, room search. Something has me scratching my head here, though. I thought when you were pregnant you don’t sit in hot tubs and all. She orders her to be boiled, which implies a hot temperature. Moving right along…

In a particularly cheeky scene, Sister Mary reacts to the Monsignor’s attempt to exorcise the demon by placing his cross on her forehead by throwing him down on the bed using her mind powahs, and stripping down to that infamous red lingerie and playing a little hide the sausage. Keep in mind folks that these two have given their bodies to the Lord, so it makes it extra specially interesting. Just as the moment is coming to an end, see what I did there, Dr. Arden comes in. You can hear his heart breaking. Or maybe that was me dropping my glass.

The next scene was my favorite scene of the season, and one of the top five for the show’s entirety so far. Jude, in the haze of a massive shock therapy session, lumbers through the common room. When the jukebox invades what’s left of her brain, she scuffles to it and starts to whack it with the gate and strength of a zombie. Lana goes to help her because she feels sorry for her. Next, we get a vision from the sizzling mind of Miss Jude. A choreographed scene complete with awesome lip-synching and a retro 60s outfit and dancing mental patients, all synchronized to Shirley Ellis’ “The Name Game”. What a welcome cleansing of the palate and splash of life to the dreary walls of Briarcliff! Lana Banana, I mean just LANA, ends the vision by telling Jude her real name in order to help her get her wits back after the shock.

On a more serious front, Sister Mary goes to Arden who is outside in the snow, feeding his pets. She has broken more than his heart; she has finally broken his spirit. He ends up shooting the mutated monsters that live in the surrounding woods, exclaiming that the experiment is done. He grovels at Mary’s feet, tells her he’s lost her and begs for her pity, all just to have her push him down on the ground in disgust. You don’t win a demon by tugging at heartstrings, folks.

The Monsignor comes to Jude in the kitchen where they have her so doped up that she can’t even knead bread, in order to confess that he was wrong. He apologizes for not listening to her and for putting her through all of this, and acknowledges that she was right about the devil being in Sister Mary. He asks her what he should do, because you definitely want to go to the person who’s closest to being a vegetable for a sound, logical advice. In her stupor she manages to tell him to kill her. That’s the Jude we all know and love. Atta girl. I’m getting misty eyed here. Go on. Talk amongst yourselves. I just need a minute.

Ok. I’m good.

Good ol’ Thredson goes snooping through Dr. Arden’s empty lab for some sodium pentothal, probably to force Kit to tell him where the tapes are, when he hears a woman yelling out in pain. When he follows the sound he finds Grace on a table giving birth and Pepper pops up from between her legs announcing that she’s crowning. What – no epidurals in Briarcliff? Pffft. Figures.

In an integral scene, the Monsignor is praying when Sister Mary comes in and finishes the prayer for him. She knows he wants to kill her because she knows all, and even though she knows this, she still wants to make him powerful, i.e. a Cardinal or maybe the Pope himself. He refuses her and she tries to bring up seducing him again. Only when he says he will cast out the demon and save Sister Mary does it piss her off. She’s finished with him and with Mary now. The real Mary asks for it all to be over and the Monsignor pushes her over the stairs to fall 3 stories to her death. After she hits, the angel of death comes and kisses her, taking both Mary and the demon to their rightful resting places.

Dr. Arden mourns Mary’s death and vows to cremate her body. When the Monsignor offers to be there, Arden wants to be alone with Mary. I admit I did wonder about a little necro action on Arden’s part, but that just goes to show that my mind stays in the gutter. The man is truly heartbroken.

Thredson has Kit brought to him in a straight jacket. He takes him to Grace who is now sitting in a wheelchair, holding a baby. He tells Kit that the baby, a boy, is his. After threatening him, Thredson goes to look for the tapes and runs into Lana. She’s starting to feel some power finally, and it looks good on her. I love that Lana has two sides to her, one that can be very strong, and the other that’s scared and vulnerable. It’s a nice complex character. She promises to get the tapes to the police if Thredson harms anyone else.

Jude is quizzing herself on the names of the patients when the Mother visits her. She goes in and out between making no sense and blabbering on about the Monsignor and her getting married in Rome to having clarity. In one of the most decent things that Jude has ever done, she tells the Mother that Lana was put into Briarcliff wrongly by herself, and she goes on to tell the Mother to help Lana get out of there.

The last scene was the most shocking. We see Dr. Arden next to Mary’s dead body, waiting to go into the fire in the crematorium. He uncovers her and cries, then proceeds to crawl on top of her and start the machine. The two of them ride into the fire with the door shutting behind them. His screams of pain are the last thing we hear as he is burned alive.

Note: the angel of death did not come for him. Make of it what you will.

So even though there was no more Swearengen Santa (you folks who watched the HBO drama Deadwood will get that one), this was an episode full of endings, yet more twists. With only three more episodes to go until the end of the season, it does seem as if there are less loose ends. No more creatures in the woods, no more doctors’ experiments, no more demons running the show. It feels like there’s an empty hole in the storyline right now, but the previews show a ton of action and yes, more twists, for next week. Another thing I’m batting around is how it looks like Lana will in fact get out of Briarcliff. But if Dylan McDermott is playing Lana and Thredson’s child in modern days, she must have the baby. So what happens to Lana? Or Thredson for that matter? And I’m ready for some more aliens. I really like the alien story thread and I’m eager to see how it will all tie together in the end.

I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out. Drat. I’m so impatient.

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