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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 11 Spilt Milk

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Talk about your weird sexual fetishes, in American Horror Story: Asylum, Episode 11, “Spilt Milk”, drinking breast milk from prostitutes. In true Bloody Face fashion, Johnny Thredson, son of Bloody Face and Lana, admits he’d ‘kill for it’. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here. With daddy needing a twisted mother figure, Johnny seems to as well, nursing from a grown woman and all.

Kit is brought from isolation in a straight jacket to see his son supposedly before his circumcision, but can you ever trust the staff at Briarcliff? Not at all. After Kit holds his son for a moment of bonding, Dr. Thredson comes in and is suddenly a lactation specialist and gives out ethical advice. Ironic coming from a serial killer. The baby will be named Thomas after Grace’s grandfather. Kit questions Grace about her memories, and she admits they don’t fit together. Bright light and a womb carrying a baby being inserted inside of her are her main points. She explains the reason the baby grew so fast is because “time works differently up there”. She also claims the aliens aren’t cruel, but when Kit asks about Alma, Grace tells him that she is dead. With family in mind, Kit proposes to Grace and she accepts, then just to break up a special moment, more Briarcliff staff show up and take their baby away to put it in an orphanage. Thredson throws in some sarcasm and wants to strike a deal with Kit.

The Mother comes to see Lana in order to make everything right for her. She’s giving Lana her file from Briarcliff to use in her expose. The Mother Superior wants Briarcliff torn down and the earth salted. Lana retrieves the precious tape from the flour sack that it’s hidden in, and tells Jude she’ll come back for her. On her way to a waiting taxi, she hears Thredson threatening Kit about his son, saying he can use Dr. Arden as a ploy for Bloody Face, but he really wants to secure the tape. Kit sees Lana and diverts Thredson away from her so she can leave Briarcliff. A clever filming technique was used so that we see both Lana and Kit split screen during this. In a very powerful scene, Lana walks down the front steps of Briarcliff and to her new future. Thredson comes out as he realizes who just left. Seeing Lana in the cab, he is shocked. She presses the notorious tape to the window and flips him off in an awesome moment of screw you goodness.
When Thredson comes home, he’s met with Lana sitting in a chair pointing a gun at him. She tells him he’s been exposed. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by this and makes himself a martini. We see flash forwards and flash backs between Lana and Thredson, and their son Johnny in the present with the prostitute. As Lana keeps the gun on Thredson, she wants to know what he did with Wendy’s body. He tells her how he raped the corpse then burned it and spread the remains. Back in the present, Johnny becomes enraged at the thought of his mother, calling her a cold bitch that never loved him or his father, and chokes the prostitute. You have to wonder how he knows all of this. Now back to Lana and Thredson, the sirens have pulled up and he knows there’s no way out. Lana tells him she won’t have the child, and Thredson explains that he’ll be considered insane, keeping him out of prison. Just when you think she doesn’t have it in her, Lana pulls the trigger on Thredson and down he goes. Goodbye Bloody Face. She’s right – prison was too good for him.

Lana has put ashes from Thredson’s furnace in a mausoleum for Wendy. Her two lesbian friends offer condolences, and one gives her the name of a doctor who can take care of an abortion for her. She goes outside to face a slew of reporters, not batting an eye. Her only words to the reporters were, “read my book”.

In the common room, Jude’s meds are wearing off just as she’s in line to get some more. On her turn she flips the tray of medicine over, telling the other patients not to take their pills, that they will turn their brains to mush. The nuns explain she had signed off on them when she was the head of Briarcliff. There are many negative headlines about Bloody Face and Briarcliff. The Monsignor is feeling much pressure at this and the fact that reporters stay on the property all the time now. He goes down to the common room to speak to Jude, who is dancing in front of the jukebox. He asks her about the commotion she caused, and Jude says she has more clarity of mind now than when she was drinking. The Monsignor threatens Jude saying that if she weren’t his friend, she would be in isolation. Jude knows that the Monsignor’s virtue was stolen by Mary, who she calls a devil. She confesses how she would have done anything for him at one time, and he says she’s an embarrassment. When she calls him out for throwing her in Briarcliff to begin with, the Monsignor becomes agitated. Jude claims to have more sanity as a mad woman than as the head of Briarcliff. We last see Jude being hauled off to solitary.

Kit is given some papers to sign, granting his freedom. He asks to speak to the Monsignor before he leaves. He wants to get Grace out and pick up their child or else he will talk to the reporters outside. The Monsignor agrees because Dr. Arden had written a death certificate for Grace already. Kit, Grace and the baby all go to his house. They go inside and the house is trashed, but they could care less. All they can think about is how wonderful it is that it’s not Briarcliff, until they see someone sitting in the bedroom. It’s Alma, and Kit’s baby with her in her arms.

Lana seeks out the abortion after all, but can’t go through with it in the end. Fast forward and her belly is big and she’s sitting in the police station, handing over a detailed report of the people who have gone missing in Briarcliff in the last 5 years. The officers guess that Lana’s child is Bloody Face’s and she says the baby has no father. After acquiring a court order, Lana and the officers show up at Briarcliff and want to talk to Jude. The Monsignor explains that Jude was dead. She hung herself with her own bed sheets. She was cremated because the way she died, she was denied a Christian burial. The Monsignor tells Lana that if she had come weeks earlier, she might be alive today. It closes with a meal being delivered to the inhabitants, and in a dark place, behind bars, sits Jude, still in isolation.

Lana has had the baby and a nurse is holding him at the foot of her bed. She had told them she didn’t want to see the baby, but it turns out that it’s allergic to formula and needs to be nursed. Coming full circle, a stunned Lana offers the baby her breast as she looks up to see a cross hanging on the wall. It appears upside down to her, symbolizing her feelings and continuing the evil thread that exists in this show.

With only two more episodes left, I wonder how this season will come to a close. With so many of the characters we started with gone, I really hope that the ending won’t fizzle out and will, instead, meet the high expectations and levels of energy its’ fan base has come to love. I hope to see more aliens, more excitement, and more shocks. What will be Jude’s fate? I don’t want to see her waste away in the anals of Briarcliff. Also, will Kit end up with two wives, all living under one roof, with children the same age? And we know that Johnny is set to find his mother, Lana. As always, another delicious preview is keeping my hopes up.

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