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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode Five

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Oh, American Horror Story. Just when I think I have a particular story line figured out, you pull the rug out from under my feet. Another favorite trick of yours is to plant the seed of an idea and leaving me hanging, wondering about the next episode. It’s genius, really.

This weeks episode, “I Am Anne Frank, Pt. 2”, is a continuation from last weeks part one. It starts out with Sister Jude taking her exploration into Dr. Arden’s possible evil past a little further. She seeks the help of a Holocaust survivor in finding out Dr. Arden’s true identity, who tells her to look for a tattoo that can be seen when he is not wearing a shirt. Back in Briarcliff, Anne Frank walks Dr. Arden in front of Sister Mary, pointing a gun at his head, but the security guard pulls his own gun on her.

Anne Frank is now bound and sedated, but still sticking to her story of Dr. Arden being a Nazi war criminal. Sister Jude checks out his laboratory but finds nothing. A man comes to Briarcliff stating that he is Anne Frank’s husband and that her name really is Charlotte, instead. He describes how she became detached and obsessed with the Holocaust, and more specifically, Anne Frank, while she was pregnant, and also how she neglects to care for their new baby. Dr. Thredson walks in and overhears this giving the diagnosis of post-partum psychosis. Sister Jude decides to let Anne go home with her husband as she seems to remember while she looks at the picture her husband holds.

Sister Mary releases Kit from solitary but leaves Grace in with the intention to have her sterilized in the morning. Grace sees a bright light coming through the cracks on a door as it shakes, then has a similar experience as Kit, being abducted by aliens. In her experience she sees Alma pregnant. The aliens cut into her abdomen leaving the impression that she may indeed have been sterilized.

Dr. Thredson makes good on his promise to get Lana out of Briarcliff, but not before having Kit record himself admitting to the Bloody Face crimes.

Dr. Arden visits Sister Jude and tells her that her job is over at Briarcliff. If she will beg and grovel at his feet, he could be persuaded, but we all know better than that.
In an interesting scene, Dr. Arden and Sister Mary talk about ruling over Briarcliff together. We are shown that Sister Mary had removed Shelley from his office before he was caught. Now Shelley is shown crawling up a set of stairs near a children’s playground. In this creepy scene we can see how she is steadily changing. When she is noticed, the children and the teacher scream, calling her a monster. She is quite hideous.
Anne Frank is brought back into Briarcliff, and Dr. Arden decides to administer a more ‘humane’ treatment – a trans-orbital lobotomy.

Sister Jude mourns her inevitable removal from Briarcliff by relating a rare story of her childhood. This may be one of my favorite scenes from Jessica Lange this season. You can actually feel sorry for the vicious nun. When Lana is reported missing, Sister Jude puts on her street clothes and leaves the institution. As she sits at a bar wearing bright red lipstick and having a smoke and a drink, Anne is having a pic shoved through the corner of her eye into her brain.

Dr. Thredson takes Lana to his house and explains to her that no one must know she’s there. Lana, ever the reporter, becomes suspicious. Dr. Thredson says he wants her to write his story. With human skin as lampshades and a skullcap for a serving bowl, we know that he’s a bad apple. Excusing herself to the restroom, Lana tries to find a way out of the house. One room is unlocked and when she goes in she sees that it holds many strange instruments. When Thredson comes in he tells her about his morbid interest then presses a button that causes Lana to fall through the floor. When she comes to she is chained to the floor and Wendy is lying beside her, dead and frozen. Thredson comes in and admits that he will take off her skin and remove her head – both are characteristics of the Bloody Face killer. Thredson tells Lana to kiss Wendy’s cold lips as a part of her ongoing therapy. As he talks he puts on the human skin mask and tells Lana that he took out Wendy’s teeth to add them to the mask.

Police officers show up at Briarcliff to arrest Kit because of his recorded confession. Grace is back and is sitting up in a chair, bleeding from her strange alien encounter. She tries to tell Kit while he’s being taken away that she believes him and that she saw Alma, who was pregnant.

Sister Jude wakes up the next morning sharing a bed with the guy from the bar, gathers her things and leaves.

Anne Frank is back at home and looks like the typical 1950s mother. She claims she is happy, is holding the baby and she’s packed up most of the Nazi photos to throw away. They zoom in to show you the young Dr. Arden at a Nazi rally.

This was a sad episode, full of many supposed endings. Anne Frank is lobotomized, Sister Jude’s reign at Briarcliff looks to be at an end, Lana’s stay is no more, Grace’s ability to have children was taken from her and Kit’s innocence was tricked away. I also have to wonder, what will happen to poor Shelley? We’ll just have to keep watching to find out.

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