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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode Three

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American Horror Story Season 2-Episode 3 Noreaster

In this weeks installment, “Nor’easter”, there is a storm coming. Spectacular use of foreshadowing filled this episode. The beginning was reminiscent of episode two in the first season, “Home Invasion”, where three people break into the home and reenact a brutal murder that happened in the house. This time it was Teresa and Leo dealing with Bloody Face, and just when you think they might make it out, they run into multiple Bloody Faces. It looks like it’s the end of the line for the newlyweds as they are shot by the wannabe Bloody Faces, but the real deal steps out of the shadows to go after the imposters.

Back in Briarcliff’s golden days, Sister Mary delivers a paper to Sister Jude that is dated June 28, 1949. One of the headlines is about a girl that had been missing for six days. Sister Jude panics at the sight of the paper and we learn later through a flashback that the young girl on the paper is the girl she ran over when she was drunk. Sister Jude believes there is an insider who knows her secrets and her paranoia grows.

The plan to “help” the inhabitants of Briarcliff is to put them all in a dark room to watch a movie, keeping them preoccupied during the storm. The movie is “The Sign of the Cross”, and it is filled with many inappropriate themes for the delicate patients. This seems to be just another of Sister Jude’s forms of punishment.

Sister Mary’s transformation as she is possessed becomes more apparent as she slinks through the halls wearing blood red lipstick, “Ravish Me Red” to be exact, and sampling the wine. She has quite the scene with the good doctor where she throws herself at him, repulsing his untarnished view of her, which, in turn, serves to deepen his madness.

The strange object that was extracted from Kit in the last episode mysteriously puts itself back together and Dr. Arden believes someone implanted it in order to spy on him. He goes exploring to see if there are any more under Kit’s skin.

Sister Mary’s evil starts to really show when she visits a Spanish patient and forces her to pray with her. After yelling in a masculine voice, she stabs the woman to death with a pair of scissors, then takes her body to the woods to feed the creatures. We get a better view of whatever it is living out there, but an even better one by the episode’s end.

Grace and Kit plot to escape again during the movie. Shelley hears them and talks them into letting her go, too. Lana becomes convinced that Kit isn’t Bloody Face when she asks Dr. Thredson to deliver a message to Wendy. He goes to their house and finds the door unlocked. Inside the scene is similar to other victims of Bloody Face. Lana goes to escape with the others.

Sister Jude gets a phone call from the grave when the young girl rings and calls her out on her crime. Distressed, Sister Jude imbibes in the communion wine and ends up drunk.

On the radio in Dr. Arden’s room we hear that there are reports of a downed aircraft and strange activity. Meanwhile, the implant has turned into a bug and hops excitedly in its holding jar.

Dr. Arden’s madness is in full swing as he paints a statue of the Virgin Mary with the red lipstick then breaks it, calling it a ‘whore’. His anger at Sister Mary’s corruption seeps into his being as the storm strengthens outside.

Kit, Grace, Shelley and Lana are trying to find the tunnel, but Carl, a member of security at Briarcliff, is in their way. Shelley goes to distract him with her talents. The other three find the tunnel and decide to leave without her when she doesn’t show in time. Poor Shelley runs directly into the raging Dr. Arden.

Once outside, Kit, Lana and Grace rejoice in the rain, briefly, but soon find the mangled remains of the Spanish lady. Shelley has been knocked unconscious by the doctor when he tries to rape her but she laughs at him.

A very drunk Sister Jude comes face to face with what looks like an alien in the hall. Kit, Lana and Grace come upon the creatures that live in the woods. Their disfigured and frightening appearances are unveiled, and their speed is alarming as they chase the three of them back into Briarcliff.

Sister Jude believes the three people who escaped during the movie were the Spanish lady, Shelley and Pepper. Shelley comes to strapped to Dr. Arden’s surgical table. He pulls down the covers to show her his handiwork and she sees that he has cut off her legs at the knees.

As usual, there are many questions and directions that can be taken next week. Part of the fun of the series is to contemplate and come up with your own conclusions between episodes, to see if your guesses will be anywhere near what is to come. I know I have my own twisted rendition already. Don’t you?

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