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Angry Birds Day

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Tomorrow, December 11, 2011 is Angry Birds Day. It is the game’s second anniversary.

Are you a fan of Angry Birds, the popular game found on cell phones and iPads everywhere? There are a lot of supporters, worldwide, who enjoy to sling birds at unsuspecting pigs. These people have decided to unite and have their very own day, an Angry Birds Day. All across the world, groups of people use to organize a time and place where they will get together and do various Angry Birds inspired activities. There are also events found at bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble. Most of the events have everyone playing the game, naturally, but also incorporate activities such as raffles and prizes. One event, held in New York City, had fans joining together, near Central Park, and playing the theme song on kazoos, and dancing around like birds as a flash mob, all while wearing a costume of or the color of their favorite character. Lively and spirited, these gatherings are growing in popularity. If you are interested in organizing one of your own, try the site at to get you started and have your very own Angry Birds Day.

angry birds day costumes

Impact Lab covers the December 11, 2010 Angry Birds Day event with pics of people in costumes and a feature article.

Angry Birds Day flash mob 2011

Flyer for Angry Birds Day 2011 London.

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