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Annabelle First thoughts

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annabelle trailer

“The Conjuring” was a horror film released in the July of 2013, and was met with overall positive reviews. It was based off of a true story, and fans of the film have eagerly been eager for more. Finally, after over a year of waiting, a new movie is on its way.

Annabelle” tells the story of the creepy doll who appeared in the first film to help terrorize the Perrons. A man buys a beautiful vintage doll for his wife as a gift, but after deranged cultists break into the couple’s home, they find that the doll is tied into the string of paranormal events that is now plaguing their life. Much like “The Conjuring” “Annabelle” is based off of a true story, which just makes the movie more terrifying.

Expectations for the film are high from fans of both the horror genre and the paranormal. Tension is rising as we we are drawing ever closer to the film’s release date on October 3rd of this year. If the movie is as good as the trailer, we’ll certainly be in for a treat.

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