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Ashes and Rust by Loren Rhoads

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There’s a new chapbook by a very good friend of mine and a truly brilliant writer, Loren Rhoads. Loren is the woman behind the gone but never forgotten Morbid Curiosity magazine, a hugely influential nonfiction zine about first-person experience. Her fiction is equally cool, so I’m really looking forward to checking this out!

Ashes and Rust by Loren Rhoads

Sex. Drugs. Rock’n’roll. Space aliens. Demonic possession. Murder. Friendship.

Ashes & Rust contains four previously published post-apocalyptic short stories inspired by growing up in Flint, Michigan.

The chapbook’s stories originally appeared in Not One of Us, Indigenous Fiction, Blood Rose, and the book Lend the Eye a Terrible Aspect.

“Her chapbook Ashes & Rust was just wonderful. She reminded me that I enjoy science fiction. I’d forgotten! And, wow, can she ever write it!” – Maria Alexander, the Handless Poet

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