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At Louche Ends: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned & the Absinthe-Minded

| | contributor Maria Alexander’s new poetry collection, At Louche Ends: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned & the Absinthe-Minded, is an assembly of emotions and senses that touch you from top to bottom. Drawing from the days when the enigmatic drink, absinthe, was illegal and mystifying, Maria’s passion and love of the Green Fairy shows in the words that pour forth over the slotted spoon and into our minds. This collection of dark poetry reaches into the innermost recesses, stirring our deepest desires, touching imaginary pleasure points and arousing the senses.

A theme of love, unrequited, unmatched love, along with the pricks that are unavoidable in life flow like water over smooth stones in Maria’s work. Her words explore your consciousness, reaching deep into dark crevices and recesses never before traveled, and leave an intrinsic scar. The selections range in depth and intensity. For instance, in “Scarification”, she speaks of the inability to express her true feelings, and when the pain becomes unbearable, there is only one way to relieve it. Maria gives a well-deserved nod to the fascinating and majestic Winchester House in the poem, “Mrs. Winchester”. One of my favorites, “Lord Arux”, offers up vivid, breathtaking imagery and speaks of a burning desire and secret love. Other poems offer up a spiritual tug-of-war that’s being waged where Maria uses her words to express her bitterness and confusion in order to regain her footing.

At Louche Ends was nominated for a Bram Stoker award this year. It is wonderful that the collection is garnering the respect and admiration that it merits, and I highly recommend it. At Louche Ends can be purchased from Burning Effigy Press.

at louche ends maria alexander poetry

by: Maria Alexander
Foreword by Jill Tracy. Cover art by Katelan Foisy.
Chapbook, 56 pages
ISBN: 978-1-926611-11-2

Bitter herbs. Icy droplets. Saccharine morsels. Sapphire flames. This notorious libation of La Belle Époque swirls and clouds as an opalescent collection of verse so impassioned that to overindulge could be deadly. Read with care — and plenty of sugar cubes.

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