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Stories written by Ed Grabianowski

The Walking Dead: Strangers


It’s a family reunion on Walking Dead, but when the survivors meet a minister they learn you reap what you sow. As the gang trudges through the woods and makes camp at night, there’s a certain family reunion vibe. Rick thanks Tyrese for taking care of Judith, then thanks Carol for saving everyone because she’s […]

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Alexandria Still Burns: Librarians and the Fight for Knowledge

kickstarter librarians kyle cassidy

We live in an age undreamt, where information pours forth like rivers into oceans. We need people to help us find the information we need. We need librarians. Kyle Cassidy wants to make sure the world knows this. Cassidy, a photographer and something of an anthropologist of modern sub-cultures, shot photos and conducted interviews with […]

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Game of Thrones: The Children


A sprawling Game of Thrones finale leaves us with plenty to think about, and plenty to look forward to. What this season finale did was essentially destroy everything you knew about Game of Thrones. Whatever characteristic or relationship defined a character for the last four seasons, it changed in this episode. People are traveling far […]

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Game of Thrones: The Watchers On the Wall


Roughly every two seasons, Game of Thrones takes an entire episode to focus solely on a single epic battle. This was one of those episodes. There are Wildlings at the gate. I love it when Game of Thrones narrows its focus like this. This is probably a drum I’ve beat too often, but this show’s […]

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Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper


On this week’s Game of Thrones, it’s the battle of the century, Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper of Dorn, versus Gregor Clegane, the Mountain That Rides. Let’s get ready to…actually, a bunch of other, even more important stuff happened too. After some establishing scenes that firmly establish that Moletown is a nugget of crap smothered […]

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Game of Thrones: Mockingbird


A collection of small, yet brilliant moments made this an excellent Game of Thrones episode, all leading up to…well, a character death, if you can believe it. We begin with Jaime visiting Tyrion in jail, angry that Tyrion screwed up the deal he negotiated with Tywin to save Tyrion from a death sentence. Tyrion points […]

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Game of Thrones: The Laws of Gods and Men


Tyrion’s on trial, Stannis bets on himself, and the war continues in the north on this week’s Game of Thrones. Is Tywin Lannister the key to Lannister power in King’s landing, or will it all crumble if he dies? Stannis is betting big that it will crumble, and that Tywin’s age (67) means he won’t […]

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Game of Thrones: First of His Name


After several weeks of excellent episodes, Game of Thrones spins its wheels a bit this week. Not that it was a terrible episode, but not much happened. Of course, even if it’s a mediocre week for Game of Thrones, I’m always sad when the episode ends. I could watch three hours of this show every […]

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Game of Thrones: Oathkeepers


A brilliant Game of Thrones episode lays bare the politics of King’s Landing and reveals something strange about the White Walkers. The first half of the episode mainly concerned goings on in King’s Landing. What I loved is how it made all the scheming and plotting and lying clear to the viewers. Often Westeros politics […]

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Face Off: Heavenly Bodies


Remember last season when I made fun of the ballet finale? Well they actually found a way to make it worse. So much worse. I’m going to spend some portion of this recap mocking the finale itself, because it was eminently risible. But to be totally clear, George, Tyler, and Rashaad are awesome and did […]

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