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Beautiful Abandoned Train Stations From All Over the World

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This phrase has been repeated for centuries and there is truth to the words. Does it take a shiny, new structure to elicit a response of awe or reverence? Not at all. Flavorpill proves this fact by giving us breathtaking images of abandoned train stations that span the globe. Once prolific and bustling with people, they are now alone, isolated, discarded to the elements. There is something to be said about the dark arches and broken windows. They reverberate better times, days gone by. Though lonely in their appearance, it is not hard to imagine the elegance during their heyday. Memories seep through their haunted halls, creeping into every crack and nook. Phantom footsteps echo through their vestibules. They still command respect, standing tall and proud after many years. From Berlin to Belgium, Manhattan to Michigan, the article brings us around the world to get a peek of their magnificent architecture. A midnight stroll through one of the buildings would instantly transport you to another time where they were the social hubs of select societies. Today they command regard and esteem, and will not soon be forgotten.

detroit train abandoned station

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