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Rant off on indie authors

Posted 07-15-2011 at 08:19 PM by Drew Keaton
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This is a rant! Be forewarned...

I'm an avid reader and I adore the classics. As an English major, I've everything from Spencer to Byron. Kafka, Blake, Shelley, and Burrows sit on my shelf. I've recently dipped my toe into the world of indie publishing. I've always supported the DIY musicians... this is no different. WRONG! I'm on my third indie and it's SHIT! Grammar errors, cliche plots, characters as flat as cardboard, themes as shallow as a mud puddle if at all...
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Posted 10-29-2010 at 01:24 AM by madame goth

So it's 12:16am , I am very bored and have nothing to do :D I read my intro on here that my sister wrote for me, she made me seem like a stuck-up b**ch -.- oh well.

So my facilitator dropped me from my school today, but my lovely mother came to my rescue and my facilitator took me back in ^.^

I got really annoyed today :l I was at a halloween shop today, I was about to leave when I saw a top hat in a box, I pulled it out and saw that it was broken. I went up to the...
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