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Originally Posted by Haejin View Post
Guns make me terribly anxious, especially after my sisters ex shot himself back in October. I know people are always gonna find a way to do terrible things to each other and to themselves but guns just make it so easy. I was talking to my grandma the other day who has been in the hospital and she was worried about me leaving in the dark since the hospital is downtown and gets pretty sketchy at night. She's carried around a pistol in her purse since my grandpa bought it for her 50 years ago and she told me that I needed to carry a pistol too just in case. I'm over here thinking no fucking way....but then again maybe I should?
I feel you. I told Versus if he gets a gun I won't stop him but I'll always have an almost superstitious fear of it.

I did a lot of volunteer work with a **** crisis centre and a women's resource centre, and talked to a lot of self defense experts who kindly donated their time, and I've heard again and again that carrying a weapon is often a bad idea, you might not even have time to reach in your purse, they could easily grab it before you can use it, etc. If it makes you and your family feel better I would look up self defense classes for women, especially any that emphasizes being able to work with people of different abilities. Like one I went to was heavy on the emphasis of getting over the psychological block that might make you freeze up, or be afraid to fight dirty (like if attacked, you might not think to go for the eyes. But you need to go for the eyes!)
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