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Revelation on Route 66

by Mindless1

Been waging battle with this God or demon
in your pretty schism--the cage of the crow
his teeth at my throat, blood and snow
a rose painted with plastic tears
melting all this pain with her afterglow

from rapture came softest rain falling
And though it cleansed you of my sorrow
This raging rain could not keep me afloat
Though the spring music will send me
flowing through the thunder and rage

You want to be alone
After tonight, I will believe the unsolvable
in my house of stone
blinking though losing grasp
If only I could show you through
splits in the pane

if only I could reprogram my brain
my portrait so well aligned with machines
like a Juvenile hero, a molded Nero
in the tragic beautiful breakdown
to be the fool with the crown
in her virginal gown, now a hero

when each intrepid insanity is manifold
cancer of the mind
blinded, centrefold, I'll wait for the hole
I'll watch as you dig that beggar's hole
And I'll wait for the nails in my soul
And I will watch you raise the dead

As the eye was drawn it could not hold
And it is kind of funny, looking back unsaid
though my focus always set
a priori, there is revelation in the mix
in this, a sweet story is kind of funny
When in its tragic wake, there's darkness

Mary Come back, split the white for red
I'm waiting out the grave diggers
blood boiling in heaven sevens
Capitalism is breeding
I find it kind of revealing
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