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General General questions and meet 'n greet and welcome!

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Old 06-09-2017, 04:43 AM   #8001
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Originally Posted by Timeless Rebellion View Post

Stuff happened. I grew up and got all fabulous and sparkly
Behold the sparkle!
There you go mate... A SMILE.

Cover for my latest EP. Download your copy here

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Anyone getting a forbidden message on this website?
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Yes, even trying to access my own blogs returns:

You don't have permission to access /boards/blog.php on this server."

or some nonsense. It has been broken like this since last December 2016. I tried notifying Gnet admin ages ago without any replies. I think this website is a ghost town, abandoned like the cripple in my story in the Literature Forum "Trailer Park".

I can't even add on to my own blogs without the same error.
Eventually the http daemon will die due to lack of disk space for the syslogger and Gnet will be no more as there is no one with priv's to resurrect it.

Alas! Poor Gnet, I knew ye well.
It was Camelot, but now it's over.
Going Ghost....
Charlie Chaplin The Greatest Speech in History

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