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Fashion DIY tips and gratuitous plugs. And hair. Hair! Flow it, show it. That's some hippie musical. Nevermind.

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Old 04-02-2016, 06:05 PM   #1
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Good lipstick brands?

I'm looking for good brands of lipstick, or preferably lip stain, that come in non-standard colors. Locally all I can find are the teen brands, which tend to be very cheap and wear off quickly.
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Old 04-15-2016, 08:21 AM   #2
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Argh, didn't my previous answer post?

It's been so long since I wore dramatic makeup but there are better quality unusual colours. You might try the 'London' line Kate Moss did with Rimmel. It has a very dark purple. Another choice might be the Revlon black cherry.
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Old 04-17-2016, 03:14 PM   #3
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Colourpop has some very interesting colors in the ultra matte collection. They're not stains but they dry to a matte finish and stay on for-fucking-ever to the point where it's kind of difficult to remove.
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Old 04-24-2016, 04:49 PM   #4
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Oh you are totally in my wheel house now. I did makeup for years, surprisingly I got about as many "I love your makeup" comments as I did whispers and terrified glances. For a wonderful black lipstick I recommend ELF (, they have a black lipstick that stays on VERY well (especially if you apply a black liner beforehand, even a black non-liquid eyeliner will do the trick) and are only about $3 or $5 a pop. Other than that I recommend blending a bit of Vaseline with different shades of eyeshadow. You can custom create your own lip color and it is incredibly inexpensive. Happy hunting and let me know if you need any further assistance.
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