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Spooky News Spooky news from around the web goes in this forum. Please always credit and link your source and only use sources which are okay with being posted. No profanity in subject headings please.

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Originally Posted by Butterflyywingz View Post
No it isn't something you made up, I saw that same Story you posted on Syfys Scariest places.... and you need to be alittle better at spelling if you are going to post a story .
First off he isn't active anymore(few of the posters in this thread are, secondly the scifi channel has gone to hell I think. What kind of idiot changes the name to what they did. Not to mention all the reality crap they're putting on the channel. It the sci fi channel not the scripted reality channel ffs.
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I did not realize the date On it, I apologize, and My mom loves the Scariest things on Halloween so I saw it the other day, And I often wondered Why they went from Sci Fi to SyFy, But that's their prerogative I Guess.
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Old 10-22-2011, 07:44 PM   #28
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Wow! A resurrected three-year-old thread! Ma! Bring the kids down so we can watch!

Props to Spooky Spencer for the 'shopped avatar!
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cj the vamp
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Exclamation its true ive seen it scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry

[quote=luna876;406699]there is a road called witch road. it is called this becaus it is beleved that there is a house that a witch lives in in tha middle of the forest by the road.
well anyway a couple was taking a drive and the husband is a photographer and he noticed that they were on wicth road. so he had his camera equeptiment wioth him and he asked his wife if he could pull over and go in the woods and take a picture of the witches house. she argues and finally cracks. she lets him go and take that picture. meanwhile there 4 yr old son wanted to get out of the car and stretch. the wife is lookin for her son and he was on the car and now he still remembers
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