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Literature Please come visit. People get upset, write poetry about it, and post it here. Sometimes we also talk about books.

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The Language

The show features Enchanta, a fictional language, that was devised for the show. Although, it is not comprehensive as the languages of Middle-earth of J. R. R. Tolkien's work or Star Trek's Klingon language.



* Ada — Mother
* Ado — Father
* agoddo — frog/toad
* Aldo — uncle
* Ashte — aunt
* Avisala — Greetings.
* corra — heart (related to e corre dieu)
* dayo — foreigner
* Enchan (en-syan) — The alphabet of Encantadia. Somewhat similar to the Baybayin script.
* Emre — Bathala=god.
* encantadia - land of the new beings.
* Enchanta — the language of Encantadia.
* Enkantado / Enkantada — the denizens of Encantadia's world.
* Ivi (or Ive) — someone or the equivalent of si in Tagalog. (Example: "Ivi Lira. Ivi Kahlil." This means "Lira and Kahlil")
* Ilo — grandfather
* kantao — bracelet
* lireo - home of the fairies
* luntaie — saviour (tagapagligtas, Lira, in particular)
* minea — snow
* more (mo-re, short o and e) — either man or woman
* musti — needed, need
* paneya — bread
* pashnea — animal (can be used as a term to a person who is unruly (hayop ka in Tagalog))
* Sang'gre — royalty.
* sanctre — death/dead
* Ssheda — Stop/Halt/Desist.
* Rehav/Rihav — prince (Example: "Rehav Ybrahim." This means "Prince Ybrahim")
* ybarro — brave



* Asnamon voyanazar — I'm a traveler, Asnamon tree (Encantadia's version of open sesame. The whole command says: when entering - "Asnamon voyanazar. Papasukin mo ako sa mundo ng Encantadia/mga tao." [translation: I'm a traveler, Asnamon tree. Take me to the world of Encantadia/of mortals] ; when closing - "Asnamon voyanazar. Isarado mo ang lagusan" [translation: I'm a traveler, Asnamon tree. Close the portal.])
* Maste lesnu (name of person) — Peace be with (name of person).
* Hasna lesnu Maste — And may God help me be the champion of peace
* Ssheda musti maste — We will not give them peace.
* Hasna verom gashne vo — If you do not give me that, I will kill you.
* Ssheda musni verom — I will not give this to you.
* E corre diu — I love you.
* Ivi sanctre — He's dead.
* Emre eshne ashte emin? — Bathala, why didn't you take care of my sister?
* Boia brinn Sang'gre Devas — Go to Devas peacefully Sang'gre.
* Ivi levi — He's in the hand of evil.
* Eshne Sang'gre sanctre Sang'gre, eshne musti sanctre Sang'gre — Once a sang'gre kills another, the death of that Sang'gre is the payment.
* Ssheda dini luna — You must be killed.
* Ssheda luna ashte live Lireo — Defeat Lireo.
* Hasne Ivo Live — Happy Birthday.
* Hasne duvin (name of person)? — What happened to you, (name of person)?
* Isne binn voyanazar — He's approaching.
* Isne gusna luntaie ivi Lira? — Can the savior (of Encantadia), Lira, do anything?
* Gusna dune Sang'gre — Warning to all Sang'gres.
* Muste maste Lireo — Peace to Lireo!
* Avisala meiste — the reverse of Avisala, goodbye/farewell.
* Haste live (anything) — Long live (anything) (Mabuhay, Example: "Haste live Lireo". This means "Long live Lireo".)
* Neda-veda - He/she is not here.
* Ashte Mashte Lesnum (name of a place) — May peace be kept throughout (name of a place). Example: Ashte Mashte lesnum Encantadia. Translation: May peace be kept throughout Encantadia.
* Evi Eshvia (name of person) - You will pay for this (name of person)!
* Ivo Live (name of land/place, but can also be used for a person) - Long live (name of land, place or person); e.g. Ivo Live Encantadia!
* Adarde — Come here.
* Ivi Duo — I know.
* Gushna Ivne — Leave us.
* Ne Sshuda — You're wrong.
* Eje Kuntirunte — I am orderring you.
* Heshne — Get out!
* Geshmu — Go away!



* Iri — One
* Due — Two
* Kaskil — Three
* Pevis — Five
* Way Asni — Ninety-seven
* Way Ise — Ninety-eight
* Way Asno — Ninety-nine
* Avento — One Hundred
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