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Literature Please come visit. People get upset, write poetry about it, and post it here. Sometimes we also talk about books.

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The Dead Carnival

Dead Carnival

Walking towards the rusted gates
Seeing the remnants of its fate
Staring at the old clowns face
Remembering what times erased
Walking through the rusted gates
Breaking through the ancient chains
Lain in front was what remained
Of the carnival of past days
The fortune tellers box is just
Splinters covered by the dust
The mannequin that sits inside
Staring through you with it's eyes
As if saying "Turn back now
Or you'll be trapped on earth in hell."
The roller coasters rusted round
And crumbling into the ground
And you can almost hear the sound
Of when its crash was set and bound
When the dead of the crash were found
Before their screams echoed around
After the cars went too far out
Farther than the tracks would allow
The fun house mirrors all are cracked
The remnants all are charred deep black
The fire that was long ago
Trapped the children who weren't let go
If you walk in you may hear
Their laughter and their cries of cheer
Onto the old swimming pool
Drained since 1922
He suffered a fate so cruel
While swimming he ran out of fuel
From his mouth the water spewed
"The owners fault" Most construed
And this is when the attention drew
And the parks destruction was due
This is when they all found out
It freaked all the townspeople out
In the faked out haunted house
Were real life corpses who were dragged out
Ever since these things occured
I'm sure you'll find someone who's heard
The screams and shrieking sounds at night
The carousel turning and glittering lights
The lost souls and the disappeared
Of those who dared to venture near
So now that you have been in too
What is to become of you?[/center][/font]
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Kinda cool. There's a couple awkward lines that you might wanna rethink, but cool theme.
You should talk you fugly, cat bashing, psychopathic urinal on two legs...

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I usually do not like rhyming verse but this is amazing!!!!!
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carnival , creepy , dead , death , haunted

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