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Whining This forum is for general whining. Please post all suicide threats, complaints about significant others, and statements about how unfair school is to this board.

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Smile My ankles crack a lot... CRACK

Whether it's walking up or down stairs or just sitting on a chair, my ankles make this distinct cracking sound when I extend my feet. I've researched it and haven't found a single medical diagnosis which matches the criteria. I'm not overweight, nor am I predisposed to arthritis or osteoporosis. I don't hate it, in fact I enjoy the sound, however a recent event got me thinkin'.

Last week, I was walking down stairs to a train platform. The instant before my foot landed on the last step, my ankle gave out a resonating snapping sound. A middle-aged women who was just about to walk in the opposite direction noticed and shot me an alarmed look. The look on her face registered in my mind as her saying ''OMG? Did you break something?''.

Before she had time to ask, I skipped off because her facial expression had me laughing uncontrollably.

Just wanted to share something that would otherwise occupy some deep crevice in my head
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