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Brand New Cherry Flavor Review

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Lisa is a struggling director living in 1990’s L.A. She was sleeping with a movie executive in order to secure a job, but when he doesn’t follow through, she wants revenge. She goes to see Boro who has knowledge of voodoo and dark magic, and who agrees to carry out her request, but she gets more than she bargained for. Lisa soon finds out that she has been gifted with supernatural powers and, with her pathological tendencies, she has no remorse for using them. The stories twists and turns unfold into a nightmare complete with biker zombies, explicit violence and cannibalistic undead.

Brand New Cherry Flavor saw a re-release, by Schaffner Press, last year, after its original publication in 1996. More than a mere tale of revenge, it is revenge the L.A. way, filled with designer drugs, voodoo, black magic and psychic tattoos, to name a few. Todd Grimson’s ability to deliver gritty, raw, brutal yet poetic prose is apparent here as he captures the 90’s psychotropic drug scene with ease and fluidity. With elements of erotica set in a drug-hazed atmosphere that realistically conveys LA., a side that is much less seen and more often experienced. It is densely packed with pop culture references, heavy visuals and descriptions that balance out the complex and visceral characters. Grimson creates a slow burn tension that blossoms into rubbernecking during the gore-filled violence – you simply can’t look away! Hardcore horror fans will want to check out this smartly written supernatural noir pulp grit.

brand new cherry flavor by todd grimson

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