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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode Three

American Horror Story Season 2-Episode 3 Noreaster

In this weeks installment, “Nor’easter”, there is a storm coming. Spectacular use of foreshadowing filled this episode. The beginning was reminiscent of episode two in the first season, “Home Invasion”, where three people break into the home and reenact a brutal murder that happened in the house. This time it was Teresa and Leo dealing […]

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Walking Dead Episode 303

The Walking Dead Episode 303

In “Walk with Me,” Walking Dead served up a tasty slice of the past, then unveiled a bizarrely bucolic future and the best aquarium ever. Who is the Governor? What’s Michonne’s relationship with her zombie pets? What do you get for the man who has everything (except his own right hand)? The episode’s “previously on” […]

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American Horror Story — Asylum Episode Two

american horror story asylem

In what turned out to be one of my most favorite episodes of American Horror Story yet, Tricks and Treats threw down the gauntlet. The episode started with our dear, bloody newlyweds, Leo and Teresa, attempting to hide from Bloody Face. When Teresa cannot pull Leo into a room with her, Bloody Face ends up […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode One


We start this season of American Horror Story off with, dare I say, more shocks and intensity than characterized season one. Fans were not disappointed. A newlywed couple, is exploring the Briarcliff asylum, a tuberculosis hospital turned Catholic ran sanitarium for the criminally insane, in its present day decaying condition. The couple, Leo and Teresa, […]

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Sinister Movie Review: disturbing relentless horror

Sinister is a disturbing movie that piles horror upon horror, with eerie snuff footage and a brutal soundtrack that builds to an ending that, if not shocking, certainly offers no respite for the viewer. In short, it’s one of the best horror films I’ve seen in years. Sinister concerns a writer, Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), […]

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Panel of Experts: Genre

panel of experts genre

Question: If you had to label your work, what genre tag would you put on the bulk of it? Horror and dark fiction/art seem to be the two big winners here, in terms of how we would label our work, if we had to label our work. Many of us balk at having to label, […]

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Zombie Survival Map

zombie survival map

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? You are now that the team at Doejo have designed this game in order to prepare the masses for a zombie invasion. Once you go to the Zombie Survival Map website, you can share your location or type in your zip code, city or address. Utilizing Google Maps […]

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Exclusive Interview with SyFy Face Off Season 2 Winner Rayce Bird

Rayce Bird Winning Creations Pose

Now, let’s turn to Face/Off Season 2 champion Rayce Bird, who took top honors with a three-part design that depicted a trio cosmic beings representing light, darkness, and a transitional phase. Rayce was kind enough to answer some of our questions about Face Off and offer advice to the new contestants. Ed Grabianowski for […]

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Universal Classic Monsters Remastered

universal classic monsters remastered

In celebration of Universal’s 100th anniversary, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is releasing on Blu-ray, for the first time ever, digitally restored in high-definition picture and sound, eight of their masterpieces from the horror genre titled, “Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection”. The box set can be found in stores on October 2, 2012, just in […]

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Panel of Experts: Readings and Signings

panel of experts readings signings

Question: Do you like doing readings and signings? Interestingly, more than three quarters of us like or mostly like doing reading and/or signings. For some of us readings and signings are a crucial way of staying in touch with the people who read our work, an up-close-and-personal method for getting a sense of what the […]

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