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Lovecraft Zine (Paying Market)

lovecraft ezine issue 14 cover by galen dara text by leslie herzfeld

The folks at Lovecraft Zine have a lot going on right now. They just put out issue 14. They are doing app giveaways. And they just opened for submissions again last month. Well worth checking out. UPDATE: April 3, 2012: I am once again accepting submissions, but please read the entire page below for the […]

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Panel of Experts: Facebook

facebook panel of experts

Question: What do you think of Facebook, its current role, and its future? Facebook seems to be winning the SNS battle for the hearts and time-sucks of horror professionals. We worry about privacy issues on Facebook and we worry about how much creativity energy it can use up. But we love the elegant user-friendly interface. […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (Paying Market)

alfred hitchcock mystery magazine

Founded in 1956, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine is probably the longest-running mystery magazine on the newsstand today. If your dark writing has a mystery structure to it, this might be a good venue for you. Initially, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine licensed the Alfred Hitchcock name. Hitchcock the man was not an editor of the publication, […]

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Maria Alexander Interview: At Louche Ends

maria alexander at louche ends

I was asked to interview the accomplished Maria Alexander for, and the more I researched and read about her and her work, the more intrigued I became with the artist herself. She has proven her abilities time and time again in fiction and poetry, along with her unmatchable creative side which touches on singing […]

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2012 Blood Iris Anthology (Paying Market)

red iris books heart fantasy

Red Iris is a small press specializing in darker urban fantasy, paranormal, and horror. If you write in that bailiwick, but are told your work is too brutal, you might want to give Red Iris a try. They are currently reading for their Blood Iris Anthology of short fiction. Call for Submissions: Blood Iris Anthology […]

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Criminal Element (Paying Market)

criminal element murder mystery mayhem

Criminal Element, a subsidiary of leading publishing house Macmillan, is reading for high quality crime and mystery fiction in all subgenres. Much of the site is teasers for forthcoming novels, but they also buy original fiction for the Criminal Element site. Awesome tagline: Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. Professional pay rates and then some. Criminal Element welcomes […]

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Monsterpalooza Wraps

jack pierce karloff monsterpalooza

Monsterpalooza is finishing up today at the Burbank Airport Marriott. In attendance were a ton of horror movie special effects makeup artists and an assortment of other horror film celebrities such as Brinke Stevens and Linnea Quigley (and Carroll Spinney who apparently muppeteers Oscar the Grouch!) Monsterpalooza event photo by Cyndee of the traveling tribute […]

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Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery

azieran adventures

Christopher Heath and V. Shane at Heathen Oracle are reading for a dark swords & sorcery anthology called Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery. They are taking the interesting approach of only contacting authors they are going to publish and not sending rejections, as well as announcing acceptances their Facebook page and blog. A modern approach […]

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The Edge of Sundown (Paying Market)


Editors Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass are currently reading for an anthology of scary Western tales, to be published by role-playing game company Chaosium, home of Call of Cthulu. Supernatural elements welcome. THE EDGE OF SUNDOWN An Original Anthology of Western Horror Stories Writer’s Guidelines Welcome to the writers’ guidelines for the western […]

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Panel of Experts: Favorite Monsters

favorite monsters

Question: What are your favorite monsters and what specifically appeals to you about them? A lot of us love the classic Universal monsters and could not choose just one. Some of us most fear the monsters we recognize the best for our worst impulses — murderers, serial killers, angry and sad people. Some of us […]

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