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Hector and the Search for Happiness


Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) plays the lead role in Hector and the Search for Happiness. The opening of the official trailer shows a yellow bi-plane flying among the clouds, the pilot is smiling and there’s a dog in the co-pilot seat. The scene evokes Hector’s nostalgic fantasy of happiness as that same plane […]

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ALTAR: A New Feature-Length Horror Film Kickstarter


From the diabolical writer that brought us Tin Man, Alice, and Neverland, comes an exciting and creepy new film about demonic possession, ghosts, and dark magik. ALTAR stars Matthew Modine and Olivia Williams, as a young couple embarking on the renovation and restoration of a creepy old mansion, but in the process they bring back […]

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Warm Bodies

warm bodies movie

Do you like your zombies with a little bit of humanity and heart? If you do, you’ll love Warm Bodies. It’s the tale of a zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) that is going through his mundane existence of shuffling, grunting and eating brains until he sees Julie (Teresa Palmer). It’s love at first sight for […]

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Get Pinned – Pinhead Makeup Tutorial

pinhead hellraiser makeup tutorial

No doubt you’ve seen Hellraiser or followed the entire Hellraiser series of horror flicks. Have you ever thought about going to a Halloween party, horror film themed club night or a Hellraiser event at a Horror Convention made up as Pinhead? Other than buying a Pinhead mask, has the idea of recreating the actual Pinhead […]

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Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

killer klown melissa bernard

There is a glut of alt makeup tutorials on Youtube: goth, emo, zombie, alien, horror FX, split face, etc. Some TUTs are extremely detailed and helpful for you to use to create the look you seek or simply to view for entertainment. Others are lame video fails. Let me tell you about this amazing FX […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 11 Spilt Milk

American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 11 Spilt Milk

Talk about your weird sexual fetishes, in American Horror Story: Asylum, Episode 11, “Spilt Milk”, drinking breast milk from prostitutes. In true Bloody Face fashion, Johnny Thredson, son of Bloody Face and Lana, admits he’d ‘kill for it’. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here. With daddy needing a twisted mother figure, Johnny […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 10 The Name Game

american horror story asylum name game

Hold on to your liquor flasks and grab your aluminum caps folks. It looks like we just lost two of our main characters. What? Could it be? Could the deliciously demonic Sister Mary and torturous Dr. Arden really be dead? In episode 10 of American Horror Story: Asylum, “The Name Game”, the show came back […]

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Sister by Legend

legend sister

Legend’s debut album “Fearless” came out on CD on December 11th on Artoffact Records. Known for their eclectic and dark sound, Legend is not only a musical collaboration between two artists, but an emotional and visual synthesis as well. Their new record is compelling and resonates with a guttural sound that makes it a true […]

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Christmas Eve is the Scariest D*** Night of the Year

abc news war on christmas

It wouldn’t be that notable that someone watched Billy Bob Thornton and some other people playing evil Santas. Except it is kind of hilarious that ABC News did this segment on how Santa is the most satirized good guy in horror after clowns. Are clowns not supposed to actually be scary now too? Is this […]

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The Imposter (Trailer and PICS)

The Imposter Movie

Do you like mystery, intrigue, and movies that make you think? If so, The Imposter is for you. It is the tale of a 13 year-old boy, Nicholas Barclay, who is abducted. His family, who live in Texas, frantically search for him. Three years later, he is found. Or is he? Someone claiming to be […]

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